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About jjburred: I am an independent researcher, software developer and musician based in Paris. With a background in machine learning and signal processing, my research aims at developing innovative tools for music and sound creation, analysis and search.
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Factormini Version 1.5
Factorsynth Version 2.0
Factoid Version 1.0

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hey, thanks for using Factoid! I just tried it with frozen and flattened tracks, and it does work for me. Can you send me more details at ? Are you on Mac or Windows? How long are your clips? Which Live and Max version?


hey @braduro, thanks for your interest!

1) everything you can do with Factormini, you can do with Factorsynth aswell, and if you're using the same parameters (8 components max, no x-syn section), there will be almost no difference in CPU or memory consumption. There are no closable panels, but the main interface window is resizable, so you could hide the x-syn section if not used. In other words: there is really no reason to get Factormini if you already have Factorsynth.

2) there's no cross-fader control between master and x-syn, just individual volume controls for each section. That's actually a good idea, i'll put that on the TODO list for future versions :) As for the routing: each instance of Factorsynth sends a stereo output to its current track, there is (for now) no possibility of re-routing the individual sections or components.

3) You can definitely use midi controllers. The first 8x8 buttons on each matrix, aswell as most device parameters, are midi-mappable through Live. For a couple of controllers (Launchpad, Push..) the mapping to the matrix buttons should work automatically.