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Name | Version: Autumn 1.0.1 by Katsuhiro Chiba 1.0.1
Author: stringtapper
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Another great instrument by Katsuhiro Chiba now available as a Max for Live device! This instrument is built on another randomizing algorithm based on chord/scale input. Unlike Sev Autumn has four channels that can be controlled separately to produce a small ensemble of randomly generated synthesized sound. Like Sev it works best when triggered via MIDI clip with sustained chords. Thanks again to Katsuhiro Chiba for allowing the port. Any mods need to be attributed to Katsuhiro Chiba.

UPDATE 1.0.1: Already changed the transport mechanism again so it has much better sync with Live's transport. Thanks to broc from the Ableton forum.


Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Feb 09 2011 23:46:45
Date Last Updated: Feb 10 2011 14:14:22
Downloads: 3932
License: Attribution
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Device File: Autumn 1.0.1.amxd


love sev. cant wait to check this one out. thanks
very great synth, some little bugs around but nothing important. i love this one Bravo ! and thank you !
awesome synth. is this capable of recording midi please?

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