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Name/Version: TCHelicon Voice Live Touch 2 1.0
Author: Benoit  
Description: This device adds Ableton integration for the TCHelicon Voice live Touch 2.
It allows to use TCHelicon top level voice effects in Ableton Live, using an external hardware device, to control it remotely from a computer or any external midi controller, and to use it for automations.

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Downloads: 508
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jul 04 2019 19:11:06
Date Last Updated: Jul 04 2019 20:43:29
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: VLT.amxd


Do not hesitate to send me feedbacks :-)

Hello Benoit, nice work!

Do you know if the midi is the same for the Voice Live Touch 1? The midi implementation is here:

I ask, because I can find a Touch 1 cheap locally right now ;)

Please, someone who can make one for the voicelive rack. I would pay to get it !!

Thanks for your feedback.

The documentation for TCHelicon products are available on their site :

They contain the detailed information for midi implementation.

VLT1 : see page 27

VLT2 : see page 77

VLR : see page 78

As far as I know these three products are the only to provide full midi implementation. For example, voice live 3 and voice live 3 extreme (the last poducts) only provide limited midi controls.

A quick comparison make me think the VLT1 seems to be globally compatible to the VLT2 with a few restricted controls that are not provided in VLT1 (the previous version).
The Voice live rack has a lot in common, but some changes too, for example the transducer control has changed for CC103 to CC118.

If you want to make it work on vlt1 or vlr, I suggest first comparing these doc to find changes, and share this analysis.

Then it would be quick and easy for a max4live user to adapt this plugin for them, changing values with the max4live editor.

I do not own these products, so I prefer having this work done and tested by a product owner.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you very much for contacting me, I do not have much knowledge about max for live but I will try to create an M4L for voice live rack. If I get it working I'll put it here, thanks again Benoit !!

Hey Benoit,
Thank you very much for this device!
Unfortunatly, I didn't reach to use it ( with VLT2). It appears in the library but it doesn't take the control of my VLT2.
What I am trying to do is to control with foot pedal some VLT presets passing by Ableton. I am using sustain pedals crossing a foot control which turns it to MIDI signal, to process my voice ( 5 different characters) and play different scenes in ableton. I would like to change my ableton plugins for VLT2 presets but I can't find a road to make the way. Do you think that your device can help? Do I need an other midi gear?
Sorry to ask so much, thanks anyway.

Hey Anne,
To make it take the control of the VLT, make sur you created a track and set midi input/output devices and you use the channel expected by the VLT. Prefer using the USB cable as it allow midi output as the DIN cable only manages midi input to the VLT.
Make sur the monitoring is set to input mode.
First test if the Max4live device can change the VLT parameters and if the VLT can change the device parameters.
Then if it works, the problem lies on you foot controler MIDI configuration. It should be done according to the VLT MIDI contract implementation chart. You have to be fluent with CC messages.
I made it for the FCB1010, it works like a charm !

Hello Benoit,
Thanks for this good work !! I tried it tonight and it works great. The only things I could not find are those ones :
- How can I jump from Fav to another one (there are 9 oes on the device)
- How can I pick the presets over 127 (from 128 to 300)
May be I didn't find the way to do it ?
Waiting for your answer.
Best regards,

Looks like a worthy FX unit. Think I might want this device. On my list. And like Bimo said; favorite jumping, presets over 127. (128-300). New version with that?

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