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Name | Version: Live Looper Visuals - Large screen looper state 1.0
Author: sharp
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Device to show Ableton Live's built in looper device in a pop-up free floating window.

Useful for perofmring and you need to view the status of the looper (record, play, overdub, stopped) from a distance.

Place on a MIDI track.

Let me know if there's anything issues


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jun 09 2019 20:51:52
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 826
License: None
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Device File: Looper_Visuals_(2019).amxd


great device! would be really cool to se track name (like bass)...
Absolute stellar advice.

Experimenting on this for use live with an international touring artist. Results to follow!
@ audipet - thanks for the feedback. The track name that holds the looper is written in black text at the top, is that what you were looking for?

@ jordantanner - shout if you want any updates
Love this patch, is there any way to differentiate between stopped and cleared? I've been looking around and no one really seems to have that figured out. I'm trying to build an 8 track looper with visual feedback and having that destination would be super helpful.
hi saxoftime - unfortunately this isn't possible. the live API doesn't connect to the cleared status, so you can't get feedback if the device is cleared. when i was researching this issue i found some people have had success using some midi loop feedback and some other patches.
I really love this M4L device you've made! I use a lot of loopers at the same time, so this visual feedback is great! I've got a question though. It is possible to set the track and device id, but when you close Ableton and open the visual feedback it resets all id's back to 0. Is there a way to to set this up so it remembers the given id?
@sharp just want to let you know that I've solved my issue by replacing the min values in the inspector with the id's I want (I always use the same template to start from, so it's no problem that this is 'hardcoded'). Now when I reopen the device, all id's are set correctly!
@dramastz, great you solved it. It’s a good idea for a future update. Maybe I’ll add that when I have time.

Are there any other looper tools you find useful (not just mine, I mean), I still do some looping with live.
@sharp, yours is the only one I've tried and use, because it does everything what I need :) there is just one thing I can't get my head around.

Because I use multiple loopers at the same time, I use Bome Midi Translator Pro to convert 1 midi signal into multiple ones so that I can start/stop/rec multiple loopers with one push of a button. But when I start multiple loopers at the same time (via the small play button, not the multi-purpose (big) button), the visual feedback turns green, even when there is no audio recorded. When I press record on a particular looper it turns red and start recording/looping, so the logic works correctly, it just shows that all loopers are playing while they're clearly not all playing.

I hope this make any sense to you, because it's quite a complex setup :) do you know how this can be fixed? Thanks in advance!
thanks, sounds like a bug with my patch. I’ll check at the weekend. If I don’t get back feel free to chase me again.
@sharp did you have found the time already to look at the bug?
Hey, i encountered problem that i have my loopers in audio effect rack (6 of them,each in different chain). Is there way to make it work for this situation? Thanks
Hi Opti, in theory yes it is possible. But the device would need updating. Last time I did stuff with racks a BS MaxForLive it was a bit annoying and a little complicated.

So yes, it’s possible but I won’t have time to update the device to make it work for racks due to other (paid) projects.

If it is critical we can discuss a paid option of the device to support racks.
hey, this is a very great device and exactly what i was looking for but unfortunately i can´t use it cause all my loopers sitting in the return channels and i can´t get them to show up in the device... please say this is possible! i would really need this device!!!
@realVZI - I'll try and have a look and see if this is an easy update.

Did you try different numbers in the track number box

Maybe the return tracks are 2 tracks after the last track

Track 1 audio
Track 2 audio
Track 3 midi
Travk 4 midi
Track 5 is the return

Maybe that works, I haven't looked at this in a long time unfortunately.
@sharp hey, unfortunately this is not possible... do you think you will have time in the near future to make this work in return tracks? i´m happy to pay you cause i really would need this device!!! thanks in advance
lovely work :)

is there any chance to make it send midi messages — or even better, trigger selected midi clips for every state (hopefully without changing active scene)?

here's what I'm thinking of — I use launchpads as a grid-displays, giving me more flexibility than just a screen while playing live — it would be perfect to trigger a clip for every state (the perfect world scenario — as well as the active beat / number of beats in the looper, making it possible to re-create the whole thing on external grid)

what do you think? :)

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