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Name/Version: Clip Navigation 1.2
Author: malikilam  
Description: This is a simple clip navigation tool. With it you can map a midi pedal to the 9 Live buttons and

(a) move in between all of your available clip slots (i.e., up and down within a track and left and right between tracks),

(b) arm and disarm the Track you are on,

(c) fire any hi-lighted Clip,

(d) fire the selected Scene,

(e) undo any action, and

(f) redo any action.

This is my first attempt at programming a Max4Live patch. I found that I had to do a lot of things in the patch that seemed counter-intuitive to me in order to get it to work. So, any constructive advice that you can give will be much appreciated.

I must give credit to Sam Green for the inclusion of his M4L.api.ToggleArmSelectedTrack.maxpat (

I'd love to have your feedback!


Update 1.1 :

When using Live to assign midi controllers or midi notes to the Live.buttons in this patch it seems that Live expects a Note On and a Note Off message. Because of that, you had to press any single midi message twice in order to change the clip slot.

The result was that if you were using a midi keyboard, it functioned as expected because you were sending a note on and a note off message with each key press and release.

However, if you were using a midi pedal which sent one message with each press&release, then you had to do that twice.

As I am using it with just such a midi pedal, I have now configured the Live.buttons to execute the move with one Note On message. I hope that makes sense.


Update 1.2

I found a much simpler way to program the navigation using the Max For Live Abstractions, and I added the Scene Fire button, the Undo button and the Redo button.

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Downloads: 1052
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 8.1.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.0
Date Added: Jan 24 2011 13:52:37
Date Last Updated: Feb 10 2011 10:40:44
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Clip Navigation 1.2.amxd


hah. your first device? nice work. Before I got the APC 40 I used to use the Mackie Control protocol to do exactly what this device does.

cool job..

Don't remenber clip position when Right LEft ..

But to Live performance can't see screnn monitor ..

Can you make an equivalent patch for individual track audio and midi .

So cool to have NEXT PREVIEW clip ((FIRE, ARM and why not erase new record) on all track individually ind?pendently to scene position..

it's better in Live performance have just 2 Buttom per track to navigate clip and sample To be sure not to get lost

Good vibe

Hey Spiralune,

I am glad you are enjoying the patch.

I am unsure about some of your requests and bug reports. I think we are working with a language barrier.

Please feel free to write in your first language. I will translate using Google Language Tools. I think that will get us closer to understanding.

Cheers, Malikilam

I've got to resolve conflicts when I open it in edit mode (I know it's locked but I wanted to learn a few tricks). I'm asked to chooser older (device) or newer (disk) versions of the abstractions. Should there be any consequences on the way it works ?

Great device malikilam, clever and simple thanks for it. Is it possible when I arm one track automaticaly unarm the previous one used? My Live is configurated at preferences to to have only one arm button armed at time (exclusive arm) even so, curiously with your device, all tracks I arm the button continue armed if I don't unarm the others... Do you know why does it happen?

Great idea. Unfortunately for me its not letting any midi pass through the device. Any tips? Thanks!

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