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Name/Version: Fluctape 1.1
Author: meshgarden  
Description: Inspired by analog pedals, Fluctape creates tape-like random pitch fluctuations and chorus based on irregular intervals.
You can also decide the min/max random event time and the pitch fluctuation range.


Wet/Dry knob
Lowpass filter
Pitch fluctuation range
Fluctuation smoothing
Pitch fluctuation min/max event

All parameters mapped to Push knobs
and MIDI mappable

Version 1.1 free update: all the knob parameters are saved in the project.

Audio demos at the link below.

Device Details

Tags effect, other, push
Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Mar 08 2019 16:40:35
Date Last Updated: Oct 03 2019 14:52:25
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Hey, I really like the look of this.

I actually posted a somewhat similar patch recently, but I'm stil gonna snag this because I love seeing how other people approach this style of audio manipulation.

And I totally agree with the philosophy of irregular fluctuation intervals; the typical wow & flutter approach of basic sinusoidal modulation just doesn't capture that analog magic like something more complex and erratic.

Props on the design. Great job, man!

I?d liked to buy your device, but gumroad forces me to allow them the right to catch money from paypal from now on for ever, that`s not what I want. Neither I have a credit-card. Possible to pay per paypal f&f? Or any other way (I live in Germany). Bernhard

@CaligulaCuddles: Thank you very much!

@Bernhard: Could you please write us a pm on our Facebook page?

I have no fb-account, you can write me on b.becker at

@Bernhard: gumroad is a pain in that regard. what you could do (in case an author is not as responsive as meshgarden;) ) is link your bank account to paypal, allow gumroad to do their intrusive thing, but then remove that permission as soon as you have the device. still, it is a pointless bother indeed...

& purchased. it's perfect!

@Bernhard: the only solution at the moment seems to be using a prepaid card not linked to your bank account.
It's a Paypal rule, we can't change it, sorry.
We don't know about the solution posted by dekmantel ;)

Thank you guys for the 5 stars ratings on Gumroad! :)

Doesn't seem to save states as of Live 10.1 running Max 8.0.6

@b60231: The device doesn't save the parameters in the live set, as we say in the instructions file. This is a choice to give the device an analog feel, so it's not a bug. Thanks.

@meshgarden - it might be a good idea to put that in the product description, so that users might not be disappointed or frustrated when working on projects.

@meshgarden - hm indeed, one only receives the instruction file after buying the product, so it's probably better to mention this in de description, as it is quite a bother having to adjust the parameters on all instances of the device every time you open a project.

but i will try and add the state save in my copy, unless that is something that is already planned for a future update.

@b60231 @dekmantel sorry for that. I am considering an update with parameters saving. In the meantime I will add that info as you suggested, thanks.

Hi, the updated device with state saving is out now, please go to your Gumroad account to download it for free. Thanks for your feedback.

awesome! thanks so much

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