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About meshgarden: Ableton Live instruments, effects and samples for music production.
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Devices by meshgarden

Stuttlay stutter-delay-stereo FX Version 1.0
Volca Keys Maxed Version 1.0
Programs map Version 1.0
Microbrute Maxed Version 1.0
Push Programs Version 1.0
Groovyfier Version 2.0
Probfier Version 2.2
Kairos sequencer Version 1.0
Fluctape Version 1.1
Amp LFO Version 1.0
Dynafier Version 1.1
Preset RDM Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,308

Comments by meshgarden


@Dmnc: Hello, yes, using the mouse you can automate the LFOs sequences without MIDI if you like.
The presets can't be automated at the moment.

@groovmekanik: Thank you, yes.

Hi, the updated device with state saving is out now, please go to your Gumroad account to download it for free. Thanks for your feedback.

@b60231 @dekmantel sorry for that. I am considering an update with parameters saving. In the meantime I will add that info as you suggested, thanks.

@b60231: The device doesn't save the parameters in the live set, as we say in the instructions file. This is a choice to give the device an analog feel, so it's not a bug. Thanks.

@Bernhard: the only solution at the moment seems to be using a prepaid card not linked to your bank account.
It's a Paypal rule, we can't change it, sorry.
We don't know about the solution posted by dekmantel ;)

Thank you guys for the 5 stars ratings on Gumroad! :)

@CaligulaCuddles: Thank you very much!

@Bernhard: Could you please write us a pm on our Facebook page?

Nice, thank you!

Thank you, it's made without javascript, only max patching.


Hi, we like to keep the device simple as it is to maximize compatibility between synths. Thanks

The device now includes a note field for extra informations!