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Name | Version: Multimapper32MIDI 3.0
Author: mothergarage
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: An evolution of the built in macro functionality of Ableton Live.

Four macro banks of 8 macros. You can map the macros to any MIDI mappable parameter in Live, even if it is not on the same track as the device.
Each macro has its own adjustable, loopable curve.

Each macro bank has a master dial, which lets you move all eight macros at once.

You can save and recall presets, set an init preset and reset the whole device at once.
Also you can morph the first four presets with a x/y-pad.

Full Push integration.


Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.3
Date Added: Jan 27 2019 20:48:17
Date Last Updated: Feb 05 2019 11:47:22
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Thanks for this device! It's really great!

What do you think about adding MIDI learn to it so you could save the MIDI mapping in a custom preset (thinking about using it with the Behringer BCR2000)
I've built some monster drum racks with this awesome device.
Thankyou :)
Nice work, but this version have the same issues showing text labels on Push 1.
When I a knob to e.g. Send on Track 1, and turn the knob, nothing happens - in fact, I can't get any mapping to work. When I open the device in Map, and turn the knob there, it works. Is there anything I can do to debug this problem?
Thank you for this device - great work - i'm finding really useful.

Looked through comments on some of the older versions, and read about the macro/knob names not being reflected on Push screen.

In this version, same thing happening on my push2 - is this fixable do you think? If not i can live with it

Many thanks
hi, thanks for making this great tool.
there seems to be a problem automating the morph x/y. when viewing the xy display it moves smoothly when controlled by automation, however the knobs it is controlling only move in steps, not smoothly, which glitches the sound. if i take over with a mouse on the xy it works fine. any ideas on how to fix this or work around it?
Love this Max device, but one problem...macro names don't show up in Push.
...would it have to be added in the Push device script??
why values go only to 127 to 0?
i have mapped to my synth filter and jumps from nothing to max

it's a very good tool, but after hours of creating drum racks for use with push 2 and vst drumsynth. i noticed a big problem: when i change the tempo i get cpu spikes. tempo changes are essential to me, so the patch is not usable on my system. do you have similar experiences? i would like to use it. will there be an update? or is it just because of my system?
Very good plugin!
I just did an edit on the editor to increase the preset number range from 16 to 128, it's more easy to control it. And i can also have 128 preset, not only 16 ;)

I just have a problem with the automation when i record a live session, the automation become grey and don't read. Do you know why and how i could do to repair it?
Not full Push integration. I´ve paid for this device but Push don´t show macro names. When you need map so many macros, it´s essential to be able to name them.
Just bought this and stupidly didn't;t check about the names not showing on Push 2. This is a dealbreaker for me!

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