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Name/Version: Ironic Distortion mr 0.03
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: A 'not-so-serious' emulation of some of the distortions that you may get in digital processing systems.

Ironic distortion has four sections, although the final section (on the far right) is just the Input monitor/switch and the 'Reset' button. The three main sections provide the aforementioned distortions: Aliasing, Quantisation Noise, and Mains Modulation. Each section has controls at the top, graphic displays showing the spectrum and a scrolling sonogram, and a combined level meter, gain control/fader and Mute switch. The gain controls let you adjust the mix of distortion types, and the Mute switch allows you to switch them in and out quickly whilst developing a specific set of settings.

Version 0.02 changes the 'Mains Modulation' to replace the low-pass filter with a 'Drive' rotary control because I found that I was always opening up the filter anyway, and there wasn't enough 'Umph'. This modification sounds much more like the sound that I associate with problems like faulty power supplies and hum loops, and could be used maliciously to upset recording studio engineers...

Version 0.02 also adds in preset storage, and should store settings between sessions in Live. I freely admit that this isn't my strongest skill area!

I haven't seen very many distortion devices that use spectral mirroring (but I'm sure that the Interweb will prove me wrong very quickly, and I get shown several Facebook groups devoted to specific aspects of a diverse, active and enthusiastic 'expert practitioner'-driven ecosystem...), and so that's why this is labelled as 'experimental'. It may even be unusual, in which case: enjoy!

I would normally give some notes on possible applications, and for distortion, then one school of thought would be to use it carefully and sparingly, at low levels, rather like pepper on food - a 'less is more' approach. However, I am well aware that distortion can also be used like tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, sprinkles, whipped cream and other accompaniments where 'more is better' approach is favoured. You may use either, both or any combination as you desire.

It seems that there may be problems on some platforms (or versions of Live) with the saving and recalling of parameter settings of version 0.01 and 0.02. Version 0.03 is an attempt to fix this...

As they almost say on TV adverts: "Your audio may go up and down in value, quality and appeal, whilst alternative devices with similar and different functions are also available."

(BTW, I'm always interested in feedback from users, and these often result in new or revised devices...)


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Downloads: 1438
Tags effect, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 10.0.2
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Nov 11 2018 10:40:58
Date Last Updated: Nov 14 2018 17:25:53
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Ironic_Distortion_a_mr0v03.amxd


Wow, this is a very unique & creative distortion tool! I really like it, I've never seen a 'spectral distortion' (if I can call it that way) neither, great work. I can already see lot of potential for experimental sound creation and sound design. One thing tough is that the parameters are not saved within the Live session When re-opening the session previously saved most of the parameters are not at the position they were. Could that be fixed? I don't wanna lose all those great sounds I have when closing my session!

Thanks again for this great & unique device.

@NeonBreath Thanks for the feedback! I've made a few changes to try and fix the storing issue you have experienced. Let me know if version 0.02 fixes it. I have also increased the 'Umph' on the Mains Modulation section...

@synthesizerwriter: last update still have the Main & the two Nyquist parameters not saved and recalled in the Session. The others parameters seem to be saved.

@NeonBreath. Ah, my favourite part of software development! On my system, all parameters are saved and recalled ok. I have rechecked all of the parameter settings and done some tidying up. Try this new version. If no success then we enter the dark realm with the usual opening incantation: What platform, OS, and Live/Max/M4L versions are you running?

Not sure what you did there in the last update, but BOOM! Everything is saved correctly and in the right place when re-opening the session. Thumbs up!

@NeonBreath. Phew! Crisis averted... Thanks for your feedback - hugely useful!

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