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Name/Version: J-Count 3.0
Author: patterntangle  
Description: Big Counter on your screen!! Do you play live in a band and have trouble knowing if it's been 32 bars of the guitarists solo or only 24 bars... Do you bring the extra drums in now??? oh shit, missed it...

...Not now you have a big Bar counter on the screen!!!
You can set how many bars you want to count and also hit reset at any time (if you need to at the start of that guitar solo!!)

Now v3 has the ability to count down as well as up with the click of a button!! (recommend you map a midi controller or keyboard button for the change direction button and the reset button so nice and easy when performing live)

Thanks to MaxForCats who's Timer program I adapted.

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Downloads: 806
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jul 26 2018 14:01:29
Date Last Updated: Jul 28 2018 13:20:31
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: J-Count v3.amxd


Nice Device! Feature Request: Can I trigger the Reset-Button with any MIDI-Note?

The Reset button should of been able to be midi mapped to anything you want. I've just updated the reset button because I realised it wasn't really working if you tried to set a keyboard key mapped to it. Should be good for mapping to both midi and computer keyboard now.

Exactly what I was looking for to make sure that when I'm recording loops, I'm actually coming in on the correct bar for the quantization.

Thanks for creating this Counter. This would be perfect for me if it would count higher than 32 bars. Am playing tracks with a small orchestra and aiming to count upwards of 200 bars.

Would it be possible to adapt this plug in?

It's the only software/plug in option I found that can deal with meter changes as well.

hello sir - any reason this is not working with live 10 ? would be extremely grateful. many thanks

Great device, thanks.

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