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Name/Version: LFOLFO 0.04
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: LFOLFO is an experimental 'Multiplying' LFO. It is based on the idea of using modulatable rate controls (now multiplies and divides!) and has three sub LFOs to modulate the Rate, Multiply and Output Waveform controls. Sub LFO 1 can also be used to modulate the output waveform selection of Sub LFO2.

The LFO is always free-running, but the phase can now be reset using MIDI Notes or any of the 3 Sub LFOs. So you can 'sync' the LFO to musical events, or have it wildly free-running...

The Multiply control sets the range of the rate of the LFO. 'Linear' gives continuous numbers from x0.125 to x2048, 'Power' gives powers of 2 at half integer intervals (weird but useful!), and 'PowQnt' is quantised so that it only gives powers of 2 (so 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64...). I may add additional laws as I figure out the maths!

I have added visualisers that show the modulation of the rate and the multiply, plus the output waveform (which is now across the whole device!). I'm using my old favourite: the 'multislider scroller'.

This is a very early slightly-polished prototype, and there's lots of refinement to do... I have one or two ideas for additional functionality... (The 'sync' is an experiment to see if not locking it to Live's transport but to MIDI notes is more flexible...)

What can you do with it? Well, try controlling the Multiply rotary control with either the Sub2 LFO or by mapping it to a controller. In 'PowerQnt' mode then the LFO rate changes as powers of 2 (1,2,4,8,16,32, 64...) which can give interesting effects when the LFO is driving filter cut-off...

I will write a blog entry when I get a spare moment!

Back Story:

LFOLFO is a response to a question about an 'extreme LFO' by Russell Alderton on the 'Max For Live Users' group on Facebook. I initially suggested 'ProbablyLFO', but then realised that what was required was a different thing entirely, and so I hacked this together. Development has been rapid as ideas have occurred to me...

In terms of modular equivalents, then reproducing this functionality in my modulars took anything from 6 to 10 separate 'basic' modules, with lots of patch cords (and some limitations), so I'd rate it as about 8 ME.

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Downloads: 1539
Tags lfo, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: May 13 2018 21:29:17
Date Last Updated: May 26 2018 16:34:14
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Device File: LFOLFO_mr_0v04.amxd


Version 0.02 adds a wider range of multipliers (from x0.125 to x2048) and so now does multiplies and divides. I have also tweaked the Multiply 'laws' so you now get linear, powers using integers with 0.5 added, and plain old powers of 2. The visualises now work better, although the dynamic range of some controls is so high it still causes problems...

Version 0.03 adds many waveforms for the main LFO output, a few waveforms for the Sub LFOs, modulatable Sub2 waveform and modulatable main output waveform. It is now beginning to get interesting! I'm also starting to think that the 'Sync' version should be a separate device... Have fun!

Version 0.04 is a quick intermediate release whilst I do some tidying up internally, but it adds in my experimental 'Event Sync' where you can reset the main LFO's phase using MIDI Notes or the Sub LFOs, which should make it quite versatile in creating a range of useful live modulation effects. I'm trying this as an alternative to synching to Live's Transport. Output waveform selection has also been improved, but there's more flexibility coming in that space soon.

A device to follow!

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