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Name/Version: Mini-Terrain 1.0
Author: opticon93  
Description: Hi Folks, Welcome to the strange world of 2d.wave, a Max object that does primitive Wave Terrain Synthesis. This incarnation is a Livified and modified version of the Twinpusher max patch found here:

It's usually billed as a beat slicer type thing, which it does, if all of the parameters are set correctly for the specific sample. I view it as more of a "granular" synth looper, but it probably isn't. I recommend that you shape the parameters so that it doesn't sound like beat slicing but it does sound like looping or synthing.

It takes the selected part of the sample, slices it up into rows, and then consecutively cycles through parts (columns) of each of those slices. For a better explanation check the Delicious max tutorial 19: 2d.wave A Glitchy Love Story.

A lot of the parameters remain a mystery to me. Sometimes, depending on the material and the settings, changing a parameter doesn't have the expected effect. Other times, it doesn't even seem to have any effect. So, you end up changing another parameter. Its all pretty weird fun.

The Phaser Freq is heavily and very specifically related to the sample length. To get closer to normal, press the associated Init button and lower the Scan Rate.

The Scan Rate seems like it should be less than 10.0 usually, but there have been times when higher values have perplexed me.

There is an LFO that controls the column scanning (I think). The Syncing of this LFO can be off, locked to something, probably the column Scan Rate, or it can be in cycle mode, whatever that means.

Smooth is a crossfade Hamming window between the rows and columns. I think it blends the slice from the previous column of the row above, with the current slice (column) of this Row.

I have no idea what x/y phase means, but it definitely does something.

I think it works best with longer samples.

Bugs will be fixed as I understand them.

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Tags synth, sampler, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Apr 28 2018 02:36:08
Date Last Updated: Apr 28 2018 22:09:03
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Device File: Mini-Terrain.amxd


X phase controls playback/read rate, normally driven by a phasor~ object. Y phase modulates playback position, it's not always apparent on shorter samples unless you're using > 5 rows, more obvious on long samples. Instead of using a phasor~ to modulate Y I also like to use line~ so I can scan through the sample, using a rate between 0. and 1.

Crazy stuff. I wish there was better documentation on this crazy thing. I've compiled a bunch of it, but ... With a lot of it, there aren't any units on the parameters. x/y phase isn't in any documentation anywhere.

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