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Name/Version: Swift Grain 1.8
Author: Simulations  
Description: 1.8 is here! Let's be honest. The Second Swift Grain Module, aka the Swift Grain Mini-2. sounded a little bit terminal, but that is fixed and it is very much ALIVE and sounding great, with a new windowing approach on the sample-grains. Enjoy!
1.7 is here! The effect was a little dense, so we turned it into 3 effects! 2 simpler modules and the original Swift Grain device.
1.5 is out and each module has received a knob to smooth out the clicks. It's the Click.Smooth knob, aka the click kill knob, and there's one for each grain module. It sounds pretty gnarly with the clicks too!
Swift Grain is a real-time granular delay effect where you have control over individual grains.

You can hear what the effect sounds like here:

Play audio into the plugin and have surgical control over the grains and delay taps to create a calming atmosphere or a glitched out wall of sound.

There are two grain modules that render audio into granulated ant stuttered samples in real time.

Each module has 4 grain channels and each of those channels has a delay line, volume and panning control.

Each module approaches the granularization effect differently.

Grain Module 1 gives control over the rate at which stutters occur, and the speed/pitch of each individual grain channel.

Grain Module 2 gives control over the window size of the grains and the speed/pitch at which they are all played.

There is a ton of control to create walls of granulated sound or to create more subtle atmospheres.

The feedback on each module is global for all the grain channels.

The Delay Module will give move delay options for both left and right output. Turn the modulation knob up and below 10 to get a flanging, tremelo effect. Turn it up farther to melt your eyeballs with modulation.

The Master control section will let you mix the dry and wet signal. There is also a Global Pitch knob to keep the pitch, for all grain modules, in better musical sync, if that's what is desired.

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Tags effect
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Mar 31 2018 21:46:34
Date Last Updated: Jun 24 2018 16:11:03
Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None


Looks interesting. But any audio demos so we can listen to the results before buying blindly?

No video demo on youtube either.

@Simulations: any way to upload some audio or/and video demos? I'm sure that'll help your sells...

@NeonBreath, @zeep:
Hi, Thanks for the comments! Here's a demo on Soundcloud. It starts with a dry signal, then all the volume faders inside the grain modules get turned up, one at a time. The sound in the first fader is pitched down. By the end of it, the feedback is turned up all the way, on all the modules, to show how dense the sounds can be. There is a built in limiter.

Thanks for the audio posted! Interesting device, no doubt. I'm a bit concern with the clicks/static tiny noises we constantly hear in the example, the granular processing doesn't sound very smooth. Is that intentional?

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