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Name/Version: STARP arpeggio sequencer for Launchpad and APC40 1.0
Author: Dudeman  
Description: This device allows the Launchpad to draw arpeggios like a step sequencer and per-step control of velocity, pitch, duration and probability as well as swing, hold, pattern shift and sequence direction. Everything is mappable. Use multiple instances across tracks to have other instruments follow chord changes from another midi track... like a band following the chord progressions of a song.

Place on a midi track in front of an instrument and set the track to receive Midi In from a separate track (keyboard). Set Launchpad to User 2 mode. Choose Launchpad from STARP drop down and click ACTIVE. Start Live clock and bang out some chords. Side buttons on Launchpad select Velocity, Pitch, Octave, Duration, and Probability. Top buttons shift pages < >. Has setting for Input Hold, Note Fill, Swing and pattern shift left and right. Live clock must be running. Works with my Launchpad Mini seems to work on my old APC40, so should work with older LPs but probably not Pro. Use multiple instances by only having one Active at a time.

I tried to incorporate everything a good ARP should have but the one thing still missing is POLYPHONY. As far as I know it's not possible with live.step so I may end up rebuilding with live.matrix (like Arpeggio Designer was anyway) Holler if you know a trick!

Also would really prefer the Probability to default at 0 instead of 100 so you dont get the one note machine gun when starting it up. I tried but wasn't able to change the Inital Value for the Probability. Again, holler.

This is my first attempt working with M4L and only because I couldn't find a device that would do what I wanted. Why? I dunno, it seems like a great idea to me and, with all the step sequencers around, I'm surprised nobody else incorporates an arpeggio function. It was sheer necessity that forced me to cobble this together from other devices... and it was only through tearing them apart that I was able to learn how they worked. I started with the LaunchpadStepSeq by Novation and wired in some bits from Arpeggio Designer by TetMusic and solved SO MANY problems searching the M4L forums. I'm a musician not a programmer so it's a bit messy. There are probably lots of things that could be done better or are completely unnecessary.

Known quirks:

When pattern is shifted left or right, the Launchpad will reset the pattern when page is changed. Idk how to fix.

Note Fill: when more notes are output than selected, note fill will recycle the input notes and add an octave up. I rewired it to add an octave down and alternating option but they don't really follow the sequence pattern. It may, for example, fill the highest note shown on the piano roll with the lowest pitch.

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Downloads: 2678
Tags sequencer, effect, utility, other, hardware
Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.1
Date Added: Mar 11 2018 21:11:48
Date Last Updated: Mar 17 2018 14:58:24
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: STARP.amxd


Launchpad Pro pleeeeaaaaaseeeeeeee it looks so delicious :)

Sorry rozze, between being a noob and not having a LP Pro I wouldn't know where to begin

Looks great, congrats on a really cool looking first device. I just started programming with max myself.

Thanks! M4L is intimidating but surprisingly addictive puzzle of infinity

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