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Name/Version: Novation Peak Editor 1.0
Author: Jeromemeunier  
Description: All in one Novation PEAK Editor. The parameters in the editor now update when you change patch to reflect Peak's parameter values!

It has been created to work with Novation Peak to enable control and modulation of the synth's parameter.

How to use: Setup Peak as an External Instrument and insert 'Novation Peak Editor' Max Midi Effect just before.

Note the track needs to be armed for the parameters to update.


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Downloads: 1635
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Max Version Used: 7
Date Added: Mar 10 2018 11:51:19
Date Last Updated: Mar 10 2018 12:37:38
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Novation Peak.amxd


Thanx Jerome for your further work in Live 10 (sysex) and this new monolithic version!

Hi Jerome, this is really awesome - I hope you guys have intention of doing mxsnd preset for Maschine as well (or maybe the devs can get inspired by this), since I use my maschine alot with the Peak, and it would be so awesome to record modulation of for example the filter. Best regards from Dennmark

Hi Jerome,

I have a remark.

When I sent Bank/Patch change to peak via Ableton 10 that doesn't work.
I must disable your device to change bank/patch.

(that work fine with your another device "Novation Circuit Mono Station 1.0")

Do you think it is possible to fix ?

Thank you.

Thank you SO much for this! At first it wasn't working to update patch info in the editor, but I was my forgetting I had set my Peaks to receive only :-L


unfortunately I posted too soon. this is causing all sorts of odd behaviour, from delayed and stuck notes to OSC 1 always being set to 2 foot on patch changes. OSC 2 and 3 seem to be recalled correctly.. I'm at a loss, I wish I could give you more.

Hi Jerome

Thanks for taking to time to make this device as it opens up a world of modulation possibilities. :) I have two pieces of feedback.

For users: I had a few issues getting it to work initially and found like others that you can get an unwanted MIDI loop. My preferred way to use it is to use a single MIDI track in Ableton with the Peak in and outs set, but to set monitoring to "auto" rather than "in". If I want to upload the patch from Peak I arm the track then disarm it when I play notes.

For you: Given the recent Peak 1.2 firmware upgrade do you have any plans to update you device to support the new features?

Thanks again for your work


Hi Jerome,

Really great work - thank you so much for sharing!!!

To help folk get started I've created a video covering using this at


Love this. Thanks

wow . thanks!

This is amazing device, but I'm afraid it's no longer compatible with Peak v1.2, I'm getting weird fine pitch values on patch load with device enabled, everything sounds dissonant :(

I updated the Novation peak editor. It now is compatible with peak v1.2.


Hi Peter,
As several others have noted, the version of Novation Peak editor compatible with peak v1.2 appears corrupted (file size too small) & doesn't work. see comments at:


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