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Name | Version: Mute Mean Disable A 1.5
Author: Takadimi
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Relief your cpu charge by automatically disabling temporarly unused devices. This audio device disable devices when the track is muted and restore initial enable state when track is reactived. Very useful for big set with many devices and plug-ins
(I also uploaded a midi device version)

deeper explanations
Some plug-in take CPU resource even if they are not used. This is a real problem when you work with a big live set with a lot of tracks and different plug.
This device take a snapshot of the following devices in his track; it disable them if track is mute, re-enable when track is unmuted.
How ? it simply store of enable state for all devices placed on his right.

main features
- - snapshot : record of enable state of device places on the right
- - listen to track mute state
- - button for mute/unmuted track
- - disabling every following device when track is muted
- - restore the enable state of the following devices when track is reactived

restriction- limitation
- - ableton rack : this patch consider rack as a unique device . It do not look inside the rack. (anyway you can put this device into a rack track and it works ! )
- - this patch do not look at the devices placed on his left. In that way you can choose to let some "source" devices to keep their state in any case.

specific options
- - snapshots on mute : automatically take (or not) a snapshot each time you mute the track
- - ability to rename the device on top

for any comment, suggestion, or question : let a message here or mail


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Jan 03 2018 11:09:31
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 467
License: Attribution
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Device File: MuteMeanDisable_A.amxd



Thank you, Takadimi.
Great idea when your live set is crowded and you want to work on a smal part of it where you don't need most of the other tracks.
But there is one problem : it seems you can't place it before instruments (Vsti) ! And the devices that are usually the most CPU intensive (at least for me) are the instruments, not the effects...
Could you make a version that could be place before instruments ?
Hi Calegan
You can download a midi version of this device here :
So you can place it before your vst instrument !
Hi Takadimi
Sorry to answer so lately, but yeah, thanks.
It works great with vsti !

A feature suggestion : to make it work when the track is muted because another one is soloed !
For exemple : you want to concentrate on a track and solo it. All the other tracks are disabled and your CPU is smiling to you...

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