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Name/Version: doc drunken effect 1.3
Author: docprosper  
Description: This midi sequencer uses a drunken walk random number generator, when enabled, to overwrite output levels. These output levels can be used to drive downstream effects, knobs, etc. Eight presets available, as well as the ability to set min and max note levels via midi key inputs. Enjoy!

hint: link to a rack's chain select with different effects spread about the rack chain for beat glitching goodness ;)

Version 1.3 saves the output path to the Live set. Simply press the load button to load the path upon opening a set. This variable is global so one button press will load the saved paths for ALL instances of the device.

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Downloads: 1879
Tags sequencer, effect, glitch, dj
Live Version Used: 8.1.4
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Oct 31 2010 21:48:44
Date Last Updated: Nov 17 2010 19:33:45
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: doc drunken effect 1.3.amxd


wow. looks exciting, thanks for your work!

thanks man... lemme know how it works for you & if you have any recs for future upgrades. Ya'll can find me at the ableton forum as well, screenname docprosper.

i can't seem to get this to do anything. :(..
i put it in front of synth, and nothing happens.
is this not a sequencer at all, just for modifying fx parameters ?
any feedback would be great.

hey - I saw you have the same comment on both devices, but they do different things. This one (doc drunken effect) is a parameter sequencer. It only affects parameters. Put it in a track with another effect/instrument that has a parameter you want to modulate. Click the refresh button, and use the drop down menus to select the parameter you want to modulate. Make sure the gate button is activated to gate the sequencer levels out to the parameter. Pop me your e-mail if you're still stuck, or hit me up at the ableton forum, screenname docprosper.

p.s. activate the info view in Live, and when you roll over the various controls of my patch hints should appear.

Ahhh...!!! Exactly what I needed...!!!!

THX very, very much !!!

no problem... enjoy!

BTW, I've got a thread going on this device:

hit the jump for comments, issues, requests, etc.

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