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Name/Version: AB Reference Tool 1.0.1
Author: ChrisGough  
Description: An easy way of setting up reference tracks in Ableton Live. Simply Drop the "AB" device onto the track with the reference material and use the A/B toggle to switch between your work in progress (A) and the reference material (B).

"Link" lets the "A/B" toggle bypass the first device in the master channel, so make it a mastering audio effect chain and it will let you hear the reference tracks clean when the reference material is played. After the mastering chain, you can place your visual analysis tools.

v1.0.1 update: AB Tool now correctly monitors first device in master track. (Fixes deferlow errors displayed in the Max window)

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Downloads: 1254
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 02 2017 16:56:01
Date Last Updated: Aug 05 2017 12:28:57
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: AB.amxd


Great work on this device. I've found it easier though to simply set the Output of the track with your reference material on it to EXT (which bypasses the Master) and just keymap the solo button on that track.

You achieve the same thing without needing to use an extra device. Bonus points if you save it in your master template once. That way it's always setup and ready to go whenever you start a new project. Just drop in your reference track and you're good to go.


Ah Ext. out! you learn something everyday.. and so many ways of achieving the same goal. If using return tracks with long delay or reverb type of effects I still get the tails playing over the ref track using EXT out. I guess muting the return tracks at the same time as soloing the ref track would work, or is there another way?

No problem. So the easiest way to account for that would be to also keymap all the Return Track's Track Activators to the same key you kepmapped the Solo for the reference track so it deactivates the returns every time you solo the reference.

Do you follow? Here's a quick screenshot:

Yes, got you thanks :-)

Such a simple and useful device. And it's free. Thanks :)

Great device! I personally use the solo + external out method, but this is nice too. Only request would be to have the device deactivate the first device on the current channel its on, rather than defaulting to the Master out.

I send all my tracks to a pre-master track, which essentially IS my master track so that I can group all my tracks and transfer everything ('master' (pre-master) fx and all).

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