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Name | Version: Multi Parameter Curves 2.0
Author: tomcosm
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Map multiple parameters to a single knob, with adjustable curves. Modeled and inspired from Mapulator, so massive shoutout to BentoSan - I'd link to website/social media but all links I've followed are dead. If you're reading this and currently developing a newer working version, get in touch and I'll remove this.

I made this a long time ago but waited to see if Mapulator had any advancements before releasing. Due to requests I am now releasing it publicly.


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Jun 14 2017 22:14:29
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1162
License: None
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Device File: M4L Tom Cosm - Multi Parameter Curves 2.0.amxd


Thanks Tom. I've been waiting for this device for a long time.
Mapulator had a "bug" that it wouldn't recall binds and settings in a group, so it was useless for live setups. I contacted the dev many times, offered money for updates or fixes but sadly he never did.

Can't wait to try it! Does this version work in Live 8?
Thanks again.
I'm sorry to say this device has the same "bug" Tom. When i make an audio effect rack with this device, save it, and load it up again, it doesn't reload the curves.

Can you perhaps look into it? I hope so :)
I am experiencing the same bug. It doesn't reload the curves. I have it in an audio track without an audio effect rack. You are not experiencing this behaviour Tom? I run it in Live 9.7.6 and M4L 7.3.4
Thanks for a short reply with your versions, and if it works for you.
Thanks a lot!
all the best
This device is SUPREME! Thank you for being Tom Cosm.

I have not had any issues with the curves saving within my Audio Effect Rack. The curves that I setuo stay there when I save thee Audio Effect Rack containing the "Multi Parameter Curves 2.0" M4L device

I am using Live 10.1.9. 5 Stars.
Hi Tom, this is really good. One question, can I change the resolution of the changes in the curves to make them more precise? I mean, I see it goes from C 0.250 to C 0.300, can I make it go from C 0.250 to C 0.260 to C 0.270 and so on...?
Is this a setting I would need to change editing the device? Could you tell me which is this setting?
Hope you can help me and thank you for your work!

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