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Hi Tom, this is really good. One question, can I change the resolution of the changes in the curves to make them more precise? I mean, I see it goes from C 0.250 to C 0.300, can I make it go from C 0.250 to C 0.260 to C 0.270 and so on...?
Is this a setting I would need to change editing the device? Could you tell me which is this setting?
Hope you can help me and thank you for your work!

This is really cool! I was wondering, can an additional digit be added to the curve, like going from 0.001? Let me know if this can be done, or if you can teach me how to do it that would be great!
Thank you!

Thank you for this device! This was what I was looking for and your remake works pretty good, just want to know something.
I see that when the alt key is pressed to create curves, the arc of them changes in kind of big steps, is there a way to make it change with steps more little than those? I mean, to be more precise with the creation of these curves and values synchronization between parameters.
Let me know if I need to explain this further.