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Name/Version: MicroTonicMaxed 1.1
Author: mothergarage  
Description: Yet another m4l device for Sonic Charges MicroTonic.

This one tries to replicate the UI of the original device. It provides randomization and it can save a bunch of presets.

Included in the dowload is the max device, a drumrack and a MIDI map you should load into MicroTonic via its MIDI preferences.

V1.1: Bugfixes, added toggles to include/exclude parameters from randomization, updated drumrack

Device Details

Tags utility, push
Live Version Used: 9.7.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.3
Date Added: Mar 25 2017 09:05:29
Date Last Updated: Mar 28 2017 08:14:14
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Always happy when someone throws some love towards ?tonic.
Now customarily, I can control it with CC's or configure the plugin in native control, then have it map to Push or any User Settings for encoders. As for randomization, I can use ?tonic's own Piku scripts, and as for save, I can just save the preset or bank for the device.
So what advantages are there in using a M4L device? For one, I wish there was a way of selecting a Pad other that clicking it so it was immediately ready on a per channel basis. But I do like that I don't have to map a repeat of every per-channel parameter.

Also, the values jump in any case when switching pads, but that's no biggie. So how do you work whereby you concluded that the M4L approach was the way to go?

well, I have microtonic sitting in a drumrack (as provided). I find it easier to manipulate each pad this way. randomization and loading of presets are (afaik) not availabe via push.

interesting. Seems to me, I'd want just one instance of this device. Either I delete all the ones before the External Instrument router and leave it at that, or drag the one instance before the drum rack entirely. Then I can just control which pad is in focus on the microtonic with the drum pads on the Push. The settings will then apply to whichever pad is highlighted in microtonic. Sure this tosses out the preset slots used the device, unless I use one column for a specific pad, for example. And there might be some nuisance in maintaining the blue hand on MicroTonicMaxed in device view while tapping different pads. But worth pursuing...

yeah, that works for sounddesign. but what when a clip is playing and you want to change parameters to record them or manipulate them in a live set?

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