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Name | Version: Manglerack 1.6
Author: ldmdevices
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Manglerack is a glitch making loop mangler!

45 play modes for each section, including stutters, glitches, tapestop/start, filter sweeps, overdrive, bitcrush, & comb filter.

Flexible random options for each section and for the general play order. Sequence track sends to Live's return tracks.

*v1.2 - Now includes an 8 step sequencer which uses 8 presets for the play modes and send triggers. Random mode is now probability based - select the probability of each mode being played in Random. Much more variation, flexibility and customisation. Enjoy!

v1.4 - The Sends controller can now be turned off for anyone who prefers to automate or have live control of the sends

v1.5 - Now Live 10 ready. Also fixed issues with the transport sync and with saving dial states.

v1.6 - Removed unnecessary writing to Live history. Declared latency in the device to sync correctly with Live. Labelled all the dials for clarity.

Demo (v1.0) here -

Only $5 !!


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Nov 30 2016 07:28:15
Date Last Updated: Feb 22 2020 19:29:21
Downloads: 3

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License: Commercial
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I'd consider getting this but I gotta see it in action first. a small demo here
Damn I wish I could delete that last one. This thing is awesome though. Only issue is the randomize playback mode doesn't seem to work.
are you sure? it works fine here, just as the video. when you select it, it will change after the next play of that section. so the first play after you click will be whatever you selected already and then it will change.
if it really is the case, send me an email at and i'll get it sorted quick
hello, great device. i am having an issue with multiple instances tho.
if i drag some audio into mangler it works great . if i create another track, add a new mangler, and put a new sample in, both instances change to that new sample.

assistance is appreciated.
ahh ok, i hadn't thought about that. I'll sort it out for you no problem. I should be rolling out an update this weekend, and now it has over 30 different play modes and separate random mode per section. :)
You should have received an email with the update 1.1, you can now have multiple instances, and there have been a bunch of improvements, and something like double the amount of play modes
well done ! got the update everything is running great now. and the upgrades are perfect . only suggestions i could have is have it show the name of sample loaded. and when assigning an lfo to the percentage it greys it out so you can 't see the number. but this is one of my favorite new devices by far. i was looking for something just like this. it reminds me of reasons doctor octorex but now in ableton. not to compare it is its own beast great stuff well worth it.
i cant seem to drag any audio onto this--i'm not getting any sound. is there a tutorial or manual on this? thanks!

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