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Name | Version: Midiblocker 1.1
Author: Tsachi777
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Instead of using an unnecessary ammount of Live clips in Drum Rack, simply drop the device infront of each instrument, map to a controller or key, and activate. This device lets the sound of the instrument play out fully instead of cutting out instantly like muting does, and gives Drum Rack the feel of a true internally-sequenced drum machine instead of a Live clip-sequenced one.


1: It looks nicer now!

2: Generates note-off when activated to stop hanging notes. Those are really annoying.


Live Version Used: 8.1.5
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Sep 06 2010 06:54:21
Date Last Updated: Oct 25 2010 18:12:38
Downloads: 722
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Midiblocker 1_2.amxd


The next version will have the ability to block only specified notes instead of the whole midi signal for use with externally-sequenced one-track drum machines (like Impulse or M4L-included Analogue Drums).
I'm not sure I understand this device at all, but I have a feeling I should. Could you please elaborate on how it works or how you use it? Specifically the part about not using an unnecessary amount of clips in a drum rack?
If you open it up in the Max editor, you can see that the toggle button just switches the input on a gswitch so that the signal can't reach midi out, thus the instrument that comes after won't do anything. All the fading bars and stuff just look cool.

When I say unnecessary clips in Drum Machine, I mean using a whole new clip to introduce more sounds to the same pattern in the other clip. With this device, you get the same effect as playing a different clip but with less clips and a 'live' feel to bringing in drum sounds. If this device still isn't clear, then I'm sorry, I'm terrible at explaining things.

I've noticed that a similar device here has already been made that can block specific parts of the midi signal (note, cc, aftertouch, etc.), and not just the whole thing. In the next version, I might steal this idea, and also introduce blocking certain notes instead of all of them.

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