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Name | Version: Granulator II Europack BETA 1.1
Author: RedBeats
Device Type: Instrument
Description: During the initial sound design for Granulator II Europack I figured it might have been appropriate to have a few people test out the file-management issues I had experienced when I tried loading the early beta to my MacBook Pro. The presets would load without their respective samples to much frustration. When my small group of beta-testers came back with the same problem I decided to release everything as a beta. Here are the instructions to load Granulator II, it takes about 10 minutes. Below are each preset’s name and the .wav sample that goes along with it. We’ve tried switching to .aiff files to no avail. Download the file. Locate your “User Library” and go to “Presets” then “Instruments” then “Max Instruments.” Once you are in “Max Instruments” create a new folder labeled “Granulator II Europack CYG_RED Presets” or whatever works for you as its name. Once you have Europack’s new folder made you can start loading presets and then its sample (all below). Start with AM Seeker - Sheep Additive E and work your way down. Save each preset as well as the sample in the new Europack folder and move on to the next preset/sample. The only two tricky ones are “House Atreides” and “JFS” as they use the Dune/Mutable Instruments Warps Vocoder samples. What I’ve done is added the coordinates to each sample below. On Granulator II’s sample display, in the upper-left corner, are two sets of numbers. For “House Atreides” it’s 03:09.463/1:33.836 and on “JFS” it’s 03:09.463/00:25.595. This is the closest way you can get to my initial idea for the patch. On one, you should be able to hear House Atreides and on the other, Just Folded Space from the film “Dune.” If you’ve dialed it in correctly congratulations!!! Of course, you can do whatever you want these are just my detailed coordinates. Outside of these two presets everything is pretty straightforward. Once everything is finished you have significantly upgraded Granulator II’s abilities in Ableton/Max. It comes with 2 samples and 12 presets. I’m adding 30 samples AND 30 presets. Each preset has its OWN sample. I have everything chromatically tuned and spent quite a bit of time on each preset. I think they sound good enough it is worth it to add the library. I wish there was a way we could get each preset to load with its sample but it doesn’t look good. After sampling a bunch of modular/rare/hacked gear and doing all these presets I’d hate to scrap the entire thing… So I’m offering it for a nominal fee as long as the User can create his or her own library. I want to thank everyone for their time and help!!! Thanks to my initial beta tester group as well!!! I hope this helps you in your travels on the Granular road of synthesis.


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Oct 20 2016 20:18:53
Date Last Updated: Oct 23 2017 16:50:00
Downloads: 3
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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How is it different to the one from robert henke ?
Yeah, agreed. Would like to know this.

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