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Name | Version: Scanner 1.0
Author: Jobo
Device Type: Instrument
Description: A scanned synthesizer using a mass-spring model to create a dynamic wavetable. It features:

- four oscillators that can be used in parallel or according to "note stack order"
- independent settings of each spring with functional A to B interpolation
- generative functional hammer shapes that can be plugged or bowed
- spring connections between oscillators that can simulate sympathetic strings
- sophisticated and intuitive user interface

NB: This version does not support saving presets and automation.


Live Version Used: 8.1.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Aug 23 2010 07:28:48
Date Last Updated: Feb 07 2011 05:49:06
Downloads: 8191
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Device File: Scanner.amxd


When I load this none of the text shows up, and it doesn't make any sound. What max components am I missing?
Thanks, Looking forward to using Scanner!
Scratch that ^
Give it a little while to load. It writes quite a lot of memory (btw. If anyone knows why please let me know).
Then click on edit and enable one of the hammers in oscillator one. Initially all the hammers are disabled that's why it doesn't make any sound.
Amazing that you release it for free, such a nice synth. Thanks for sharing
thanx for share this awesome synth!
Splendid! big thank!
Great instrument. but I can't access the very bottom of the GUI to turn on the additional oscillators. my 13" screen is too small.... is there a version of scanner that has a smaller GUI?
For me its the same, a 13" MacBook is probably one of the most used computers for Live. I modified it for my needs though, I can access the hidden controls now...;-)
And yes, its a great piece of synth...

don't have words for this! beautiful!! I will try to see if I can reasons for such memory use..
many thanks!
no sound and crashes Live 8.2.1
no sound...and crashes Live 8.1.1
crashing 8.2.2 whenevr i try to delete it from a channel..

too large for my 15"screen..

i cannot access the bottom of synth...
i got it to work, the turning on hammer thing is not obvious though...

its a very interesting looking synth and u obviously have put alot of work into it...

some presets would be useful to help understand what it can do :)
can't find this hammer enable thingy :(.....such a shame, looks so promising. Can't that problem be updated? seems like a small fix...

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