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Name/Version: Session Ring Control 1.0
Author: atomictag  
Description: Control the session ring ("redbox") of devices incl. Push2, Push, Launchpad, APC 40MKII and (probably) others.

This device can be chained with master / slave mode - so you can keep 2 or more session rings in sync (e.g. Push controlling a Launchpad session ring). You may need to enable "polling mode" if you want the rings to be always synched, i.e. also when the native buttons on the hardware are used to navigate the session view.

Set an initial track offset and choose a step offset for tracks and scenes. Then use the control arrows or the numbered boxes to switch among positions.

On Push / Push 2 it is possible to control the session ring according to the rule-set in this device by enabling the checkbox "Push SELECT + arrow control" and then by pressing SELECT and one of the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrow buttons.

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Downloads: 1164
Tags utility, other, hardware, dj, push
Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.2.1
Date Added: Mar 18 2016 10:10:21
Date Last Updated: Mar 19 2016 21:17:46
Average Rating (2) 3
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: [dma] session ring control 1.0 (audio).amxd


Surprised someone hasn't copied it before...


I have purchased LaunchSync PRO from Isotonik and while it's a great (and super recommended!) product - with great extra features - it did not fit my purpose (incl. the fact LPC Live 2 is not supported by LaunchSync).

So yes, similar idea.

For clarity's sake - there is no connection whatsoever with the actual LaunchSync M4L code (that's something easy for everyone to double check, btw). I am sharing this because I have done it for myself - and think others may like it or want to rip it apart and improve it.

Totally agree, my apolgies if you though i was inferring the code was copied, it's a fine pie of work!

There's many ways in maxforlive to achieve the same thing, and i've learnt a few from your patch as well. LaunchSync PRO is coded in JS and supports all of our custom scripts, it wouldn't make much sense to support other people scripts obviously....

Be great if this functionality was natively supported as an option in the MIDI preferences though :-)

THanks, I like this device, I am currently setting up a live set with push 1 and this redbox motion control makes a good job. I really like the offset feature !!!

Should you like to work a little more on this a device

that could be great would to this:

Configuation of N Songs "upper red box left corners" in form of (Track# / Scene #)

motion of the red box through Relative mapable buttons, "next song" and "previous song"

(that would be great ;-)))

@EugeneLaurence check out I think that's very close to what you're after. cheers.

I have not used Max because it always used to make Ableton crash. (Now I have a better processor so maybe it will work.) So, if you'll excuse the newbie questions:
1) I'm running Ableton in 32-bit. Do I need 64?
2) main question. This would have to be placed in every Ableton set with more than 8 tracks? Where would it be the master track?

yes, put it on the master track (any other would do too, really, but it's more logical to keep it there). And yes it's more useful when you have more than 8 tracks. Hope this helps

I can't figure out what it means master-slave-detached modes...

Any idea how to get this working on Launchpad X? Works great for my Launchpad Mk2 but does not work at all for Launchpad X...

This works very well. The only thing I have a problem with is this:
Every time I load my set which contains your device, it does not connect to my Push 1. I have to go into the device and tick the box in the upper right to enable the script. (Then it works fine.) I would rather not have to do this every time.
Live 11.0.12
Win 10

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