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Name | Version: Saw4GeneratorDark 0.03
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Saw4Generator_Dark is a sound generator with preset memories. It does not respond to MIDI inputs - it just sits there and makes noises continually...

Based on the thinking behind my old 'Reaktor' series of generators, this is a revisit and update of another of those ideas in M4L.

The basic idea is very simple. A sawtooth wave oscillator with LFOs that can modulate the pitch and the output is frequency modulated by another similar oscillator, which is modulated by another similar oscillator, and another one on top of that...

It's a simple FM generator with a lot of controls, and a flexible output stage. The output allows mixing of four harmonically-diverse outputs: the final oscillator itself ('Saw'), the ring modulated output of the third and final oscillators ('Ring') ,the output of the third oscillator 'sample & hold' processed by the final oscillator ('S&H'), and the output of the second oscillator 'sample & hold' processed by the final oscillator ('H&S'). In other words there are four separate outputs, each with its own unique harmonic content. The output stage has LFO modulation of the mixing, plus LFO panning as well.

A good way to start is to turn all the controls to the leftmost minimum position, and then to select the Saw button, adjust the volume to your preference, and choose the pitch you want in Oscillator 4 (there's just a Pitch control there, so it is easy to find! You will also find the 'preset' store buttons here. 'Shift & Click' to store, Just Click to recall. Saving this 'All leftmost' preset is a good place to start again when you get lost).

Using just one oscillator is a good way to learn the output options: LFO modulation of volume, plus LFO panning. Once you have gt your head around the controls (some ping-pong echo is very often applied to the output of this type of generator...) then there is the LFO modulation of the pitch of the oscillator to try out. Saving a simple sound like this is often a good starting point for further exploration.

When you are comfortable with all of that then you can try moving to the left and try exploring the pitch and modulation controls for Oscillator 3, then the LFO pitch modulation for that oscillator, and so on to the leftmost Oscillator. Because Oscillator 1 is at the top of a stack of FM then it can cause big changes to the oscillators underneath it, so be cautious at first with the pitch and modulation controls. If everything gets too much, then just go back to the 'all leftmost' and start again from Oscillator 3.

There's a lot to explore in Saw4Generator, and a lot of sounds waiting to be created. Recording the output and processing it further is thoroughly encouraged!

For thoughts on further processing, then see the 'synthesizerwriter' blog for some ideas.

(As always, this is a work in progress, so it may not be perfect, and early versions tend not to have very much help on controls included in the M4L. Please feel free to report bugs via the comments, and I will try to fix them when I can find time.)


Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.1.0
Date Added: Jan 24 2016 13:34:54
Date Last Updated: Jan 24 2016 14:53:25
Downloads: 1228
License: None
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Device File: Saw4GeneratorDark0v03mr.amxd


I can't seem to get any sound from this device.
I tried tweaking all knobs, sending midi data...nothing.
I really was hoping to use this device!
Let me know.
Thank you
If you can't get any sound from this device, then remember that the four 'purple' buttons marked 'Saw','Ring','S&H','H&S' control the outputs for each of those sections - so just setting the Volume and Pan controls will not produce any output. You need to make sure that at least one of the section output buttons is highlighted (purple). Then go to the part marked [4] and set the pitch to a few hundred hertz. You should now hear a tone. You can modulate the pitch of this tone with the upper controls, and the modulation from earlier parts (1-3) with the lowest controls.

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