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Name/Version: File-O-Mate SlideShow File Automation 1.0
Author: WaterHorse  
Description: In the simplest terms this is a slide show with automation capabilities.

This device is a work in progress, but essentially allows you to drag in a folder of images (vid's), and automate them in the timeline.
Videos won't playback in this version currently. I made it for sheet music image files initially, because the method of launching an image/video file with a midi note doesn't allow you to click anywhere in the timeline and register the change. This is important when dealing with live musicians, who are playing sheet music that corresponds to your live session timeline(or clips).

Ideal things I'd like to get to work would be video file playback and the ability to load in a pdf file and move through the page numbers much like the number of file in the folder.
There are a few bugs to too that I am working out.

Again, I am new to this stuff so please message me if you have fixes, tips, reported issues, ideas, etc. Even if you have an idea for a better device name! haha

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Downloads: 917
Tags video, sequencer, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Oct 23 2015 20:09:02
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: FileOMate.amxd


Hi I have used this and like it a lot. I added a random trigger button to trigger images to an envelope follower. Works ok.
I have some questions.
1. How to remove the "seed" image: I would like for the "seed" image to change from time to time, right now it triggers one seed image while the others can vary?
2. I have gotten FileOMate to trigger moving .gif images but it's a hit or miss thing for them to "move". That is it triggers the .gifs no problem as if they were .jpg etc (stills) and only sometimes does it trigger them as moving images (.gifs). I was wondering if you had tried gifs (prob not because of your use for this app is different than mine), but what would be the reason for it to trigger sometimes and not others?
But over all its great thank you.

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