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Robot Vocoder Version 1.0
Robot Vocoder Midi Signal Version 1.0
Vox BIG BLCK BLOCK Looper2. Version 1.0
Simple FM Version 1.0

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Ok fixed. good ole stripnote.

Device is triggering double notes when playing or running sequence. Will fix tomorrow. Sorry.

Simple FM for us simple folks.

Hi I have used this and like it a lot. I added a random trigger button to trigger images to an envelope follower. Works ok.
I have some questions.
1. How to remove the "seed" image: I would like for the "seed" image to change from time to time, right now it triggers one seed image while the others can vary?
2. I have gotten FileOMate to trigger moving .gif images but it's a hit or miss thing for them to "move". That is it triggers the .gifs no problem as if they were .jpg etc (stills) and only sometimes does it trigger them as moving images (.gifs). I was wondering if you had tried gifs (prob not because of your use for this app is different than mine), but what would be the reason for it to trigger sometimes and not others?
But over all its great thank you.

Ive been having a hard time getting this to work. I set up my midi buffer, which I can't tell if its working correctly. I wonder where the problem would be. On a separate note, I had the idea of merging a device such as this with a Markov chain which would use a table of probabilities yet be able to trigger it manually--I like the idea of probabilities as well as determined notes. Don't get me wrong this (once I get it to work) will 1. help me to understand Midi and colls or libraries as you have it here, and two allow me to perform more elaborate pieces including triggering rests (awesome by the way!)
Anyways thanks for this.

Thanks for this. I had hacked a coll instrument but has a few limitations. How long can your "cycle" of notes be? How many notes can your "coll" fit?
Also my instrument didn't have velocity response which in some situations you want a "dumb" velocity--always the same velocity.
Does this have responsive velocity only?

You need "Robot Vocoder fx/instrument" in an audio track for Robot Midi Signal to work.
You put this in a midi track, arm track, play notes, or run sequence.
In the audio track put sample clips abd set RVfx/instrument to audio.
This doesnt make sound by itself.
Sorry i should have been more clear.

Let me know if this works for you. All credit goes to Dude 837.