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Robot Vocoder Version 1.0
Robot Vocoder Midi Signal Version 1.0
Vox BIG BLCK BLOCK Looper2. Version 1.0
Simple FM Version 1.0
Probability Pitch Sets Version 1.0
Image Player Version 1.3
Simple Stutter Version 1.0
AQUA Version 1.0
Rutt Etra Wanabe Video Synth Version 1.0

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So, I updated this image player, and added some basic effects. I fixed the
full screen now using esc key. But I decided to leave it as a midi instrument, because I can adjust the latency of the audio signal or the latency of the midi instrument (image player) if I encounter latency in triggering images.

It can be changed to an audio effect but you would have to open it in Max and edit it by changing some of the patch around. Its easy but you need to know basic Max in oder to do this.

I kind of don't understand what you are describing. So it's a midi instrument right now, it can easily be changed to an audio effect.
I basically made it so audio from a movie file could be used to trigger the envelope follower. I used the "" instead of the "" in order to capture sound from a movie file. If you do not want to play sound out of a movie file to modulate (self modulate) the movie file then in a separate audio or midi track with sound output, load the envelope follower in to that track and map
to a number box in Rutt Etra (which is in another independent track). I usually map "scale" number boxes, mapping to "disp" displacement can also work but you have to test it out for yourself and experiment. Hope this helps

Nice thank you

Awesome. I always just hacked the amxd file and added a TAP to what ever I needed. Thank you.

Never mind. I think I got it. Thanks again.

This looks amazing. Thankyou. But I can't seem to make it work.
Could you do a tutorial or a video for it. Thank you.

I don’t know why it would be crashing. I works for me. You put this in an audio track or at the end of a midi track (with an instrument that makes some sound). If you can learn to open the instrument into Max then check out what the error is that might help. Otherwise the record button will record audio and the play will play back audio. The other buttons some are momentary buttons that once you let go they will stop functioning. If you are able to down load the Blocks package
Open some file in Max to see if you can run them from the Package manager page and see if you can open any Blocks patch! If you can run a patch in Max.

This looks awesome. Thank you.

I will look in to these suggestions. Thanks for the interest.

Yes. Ok. It probably doesn't need a video. Here goes. Put an envelope follower in a drum track (envelope follower is an audio effect in Max For Live folders). Make sure there is enough amplitude to trigger the Envelope Follower and map the envelope follower to the "MAP ME" button. Adjust envelope follower parameters as necessary. If this don't work I'll post a video. I'm a drummer/musician so most of my Max stuff is amplitude based. I have many other amplitude driven widgets. Leave a message if you want some other devices.

There is 2 ways to make it work. First you drop a folder with images in it.
Then you set the file type (say jpeg is for jpg's) then set the number of files
for it but usually reads the number of files automatically. Setting the number of files in "adjust number of files and then push button" --push button. One way of making it work: Put a beat on
an audio track--put an envelope follower on that track. Map the the MAP ME button to the envelope follower. Play the beat. It should cycle through all your image files. The floating window should make a small window where you can monitor your files. The fullscreen$1 should turn your whole screen into the images as if you were projecting them.
Second way of making it work: Press "start timelapse" and an internal millisecond clock will cycle through your images. The shorter the numbers the faster the images will cycle. Counterintuitive but works.
Maybe I will change it to a bpm number but I figured mapping does the same thing. Good luck. If that don't work I will make a video.

Awesome you made it!

Does this work with Live 9?

Cool. A clock or metronome would be great. If we could hear a click
track or metronome controlled by one source to many devices would be great.

Sorry to hear that. I used Live 9 to transport a package from the Package Manager under File in Max (7). I works good for me with low cpu. I am using Max 8 now and works fine as well. Did you download the package BLOCKS? You must do this in order to run this. In that package there is
this patch Looper (can't remember exactly what the name is) and you must be able to run that patcher in Max if you are to use this in M4L. The only things I added to that patcher was Live UI and made it more playable to
my tastes. I use it for live jamming since it is NOT clock based.
I hope it works for you.

Ok fixed. good ole stripnote.

Device is triggering double notes when playing or running sequence. Will fix tomorrow. Sorry.

Simple FM for us simple folks.

Hi I have used this and like it a lot. I added a random trigger button to trigger images to an envelope follower. Works ok.
I have some questions.
1. How to remove the "seed" image: I would like for the "seed" image to change from time to time, right now it triggers one seed image while the others can vary?
2. I have gotten FileOMate to trigger moving .gif images but it's a hit or miss thing for them to "move". That is it triggers the .gifs no problem as if they were .jpg etc (stills) and only sometimes does it trigger them as moving images (.gifs). I was wondering if you had tried gifs (prob not because of your use for this app is different than mine), but what would be the reason for it to trigger sometimes and not others?
But over all its great thank you.

Ive been having a hard time getting this to work. I set up my midi buffer, which I can't tell if its working correctly. I wonder where the problem would be. On a separate note, I had the idea of merging a device such as this with a Markov chain which would use a table of probabilities yet be able to trigger it manually--I like the idea of probabilities as well as determined notes. Don't get me wrong this (once I get it to work) will 1. help me to understand Midi and colls or libraries as you have it here, and two allow me to perform more elaborate pieces including triggering rests (awesome by the way!)
Anyways thanks for this.

Thanks for this. I had hacked a coll instrument but has a few limitations. How long can your "cycle" of notes be? How many notes can your "coll" fit?
Also my instrument didn't have velocity response which in some situations you want a "dumb" velocity--always the same velocity.
Does this have responsive velocity only?

You need "Robot Vocoder fx/instrument" in an audio track for Robot Midi Signal to work.
You put this in a midi track, arm track, play notes, or run sequence.
In the audio track put sample clips abd set RVfx/instrument to audio.
This doesnt make sound by itself.
Sorry i should have been more clear.

Let me know if this works for you. All credit goes to Dude 837.