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Name | Version: defreeze 1.0
Author: noael
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: I am new to max but since I study computer-music in Vienna it becomes more and more important to me.

BUT actually it was not my idea or skill (don't have any in max) to build it. i just copied it from:

I made it look nice.
and it is fun to play with
(I strongly recoment a midi controller)

the de(lay)freezer is perfect for experimental electronic music.

if you are interested in max and computer-music and if you would like to learn more about composition, studio-stuff, live performance tricks, ...

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

if you would like to know how my music sounds go to:

for this Device all credit go to:


Live Version Used: 8.1.3
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Jun 07 2010 21:26:45
Date Last Updated: Jun 10 2010 09:47:09
Downloads: 2572
License: None
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Device File: defreeze.amxd


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