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Name | Version: Plinko for Monomod .94
Author: amounra
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Quick tutorial:

Plinko is a generative probability based sequencer patch for Monomod. It encompasses some of the same ideas and functionality as software like noatikl, nodal, and hexatone for the iphone.

It is currently in beta, but is fully functional. It requires that you use it in conjunction with Monomod or Monomod Simple. It's also a good idea to download Nomeout, as this provides a better routing system (to circumvent Live's MIDI channelizing limitations).

General instructions are provided with the plugin, and there is a video on youtube that might help a bit. As time permits and new features are added, better instructions will follow.

video here:

Monomod is here:

Monomod Simple is here:

Update 061710 b92:

- Rewrote the main process in pure Max. You can now run Plinko really fast, and use multiple instances. I did some major retooling, and have found the current version to be very stable so far.

- There are two new buttons on the right hand side. One defers the Launchpad/iPad display output into the low priorty queue. This will help if you are running out of headroom, but will probably provide unpredictable results when trying to edit Monomod patches with the control surface. The other is a "display slow" button, which will scale the rate at which the control surface is refreshed to a lower setting as the speed at which Plinko operates is increased. Effectively, both these options are for trouble shooting, and you should be able to leave them both off unless you are running a really slow machine.

- I ammended the pattr system so that parameters are maintained in between sessions. There are still some little bugs here and there, but its working much better.

- Monomod channels are now 1-8 instead of 0-7.

Update 062210 b921:

- Updated pattrstorage so that Plinko now stores and recalls multiple presets in each plugin instance both when using preset device storage as well as between saving and opening Live sets.

b93 @ 071510: updated GUI, added new timing engine, swing bypass, modified preset storage.

b931 @ 071910: fixed restart bug, fixed problem with channel number not working (?!)

b94 @ 090610: fixed a few little things, pattr storage and recall should work again. Added autodetections system, compliant with monomodular b94.


Live Version Used: 8.1.5
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Jun 03 2010 23:02:37
Date Last Updated: Sep 07 2010 00:52:37
Downloads: 1931
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: plinko_b94.amxd


hi - where is this youtube video? It doesn't show up if I search for plinko.

Also, there are no videos with the search term "monomod" at all. :(
I think I posted the youtube video under moNodal. Hadn't decided on a name yet.

I will hopefully have more time to make a tutorial video for monomod and a proper annotated video for plinko next couple of days. Running sound all weekend and super busy.
I watched the video, and studying the patch, very good work, and also neatly programmed, thanks, very good.

Groovy. Please let me know if you are able to get this working. Looking forward to see what others come up with using this tool.
Please! help me! cant find the program window to change octave!
sorry! found. forget it
sorry! found. forget it
Sorry...a brief map to the program window is here:

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