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Reverser Version 5.03
Loopina Version 1.0
KlipKnobber Version 1.0
MiniPeater Version 1.0
SwirlyTape Version 1.0
Lord of the Sends Version 1.0
FluLoop Version 1.0

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Hi, sorry for the delay.
Issue #1 : the device samples incoming audio, and is tight synced to the master clock. If one changes the clock while the device is active the internal buffer gets reset.
Possibly for a future update I will work on the feature you request
Issue #2: regardin Live 11, I have not tried it with 11.1.5, did you make a fresh install of the device? could you please open the device in m4l editor and see if it gives you any errors? The device is assembled with only standard max objects and it should work with any m4l version, from 5 to 8 ...

hi, sorry, it is an audio device -> there are plenty of looping devices a la buffer shuffler, but this one allows to manipulate the incoming audio on a much more advanced level, such as grain stretching, drone like sounds, etc.
Plus it is real time, and samples directly (if REC button is on)

hello, this device is not available at the moment, we are working on a whole new set of devices, including a new loopina version.

@rico909 no idea why, I could not reproduce. Be aware though that the buffer size is related to the BPM so you could have sound artifacts (like a tape recorder).

hi guys, I checked it up, if I have time will give it a try and solve this. Due to m4l initialization I trigger a bang which loads the default settings exactly 2 sec after the device has been loaded.
Obviously creating a Live preset won t work very well.

It is an easy fix if one´s got time, which I lack at the mo. So if anyone wants to pinch in I am happy.

ciao J.

hi rico, will look into this, altough I am not a Push user. 1) which OS ? 2) Push 2 ? 3) If I understood you correctly the device gets triggered even if off as soon as you modify the tempo via Control change from Push? Or it happens whenever you change tempo ?

thanks J.

I have updated Reverser. The 2 Devices are similar, but differ quite a lot under the hood.
The new version of Reverser should keep time sync when changing loop lengths + reversing.

short video link

FYI the video is in Live 8, but the device has been tested in 9 too, on Mac OSX systems.

I appreciate very much that the conceptand it can be done in zillion ways, but for sake of clarity (I had some people complaining) and because there is a big update coming up could you please rename your device adding something like your name?

Hi there, thanks for the download, unfortunately I do not work for Ableton so I have not the possibility of analyzing bug reports as they can ( I believe most m4l users/developer cannot too). - bummer -

The device is made 100% with max standard objects so it is difficult to understand if it is a problem of the device, max or whatever is going on in any particular set.
It would be great though to at least give it a try. You can contact me via PM on this site or via the Ableton Forums, also under Jabbon.

Thank you again J.

this is true, in fact to work the effect needs to "sample" some audio first. You probably need to touch the effect once after start up, to reset it and make it sample again (if I understood correctly what actually is happening is that the effect is activated before sampling any incoming signal).

thank you for trying it out ! hmmm, interesting, have you tried changing the arguments to phasor? try phasor~ 1n @lock 1 . The device gets its syncing/speed (and consequently pitch) from the phasor object which gets timing information from Live´s master timeline. being signal driven if the tempo of Live wobbles the device timeline will wobble too, consequently also the playback. The fact that you get a fixed semi tone up pitch is strange, I would have expected some pitch modulation (maybe even interesting ;-) ). I will try it out as soon as I can! thank you again, Jacopo.

Hi ytsek, would be nice to know which version of Live, Mac or Windows, etc. I hope I can help.

cool, as said this is a simple demonstrative device, there are many ways to do things in max hence m4l, nice to see that you found an improvement!!! p.s. I pass by here once every 2 centuries, sorry been very busy on another miliions of things. Working on new stuff, check if you want and contact me via pm

I watched the video, and studying the patch, very good work, and also neatly programmed, thanks, very good.

very very nice! thnx

sorry for the late reply, will do asap, thanks for the suggestion.
And a sonic blasting new year !!!

mmm works fine for me.

maybe i should post some instructions:
load the device. to make the effect effecting be sure that you click on the "woop" button.
If you want to reverse it click on the "straight/reverse" button.
If you want to scratch the audio material map a MIDI CC to the Director control, if you want to change the length of the audio buffer change the grid.
If you have temporal problems try to press LB button again.
It is indeed a really simple device.
If you get clicks change the %value, which changes the smoothness.

I used some basic MSP building blocks, which should be part of the "tools Section", such as the M4L balance and M4L gain, be sure that they are pointed out in the search path.

hope this helps.