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Name/Version: J74 BassLine 1.2.1
Author: fabriziopoce  
Description: J74 BassLine is a plug-in specialized in bass line progressions.

The key idea behind this device is to have a single, flexible tool for bass line programming which combines both rhythm and harmony together.

In terms of rhythm J74 BassLine makes use of groove, swing, legato, glide, accent and humanize dynamics.

From the harmony point of view the tool works having knowledge of scales, chords and progressions, combining these with the rhythmic pattern creation.

The bass-lines get automatically adapted to the progression, on a chord by chord basis, remaining in-key to the selected scale (if you wish it to). J74 BassLine can also be combined (and synchronized) with J74 Progressive for an integrated harmonic and rhythmic sketching environment within Ableton Live.

For more info and tutorial video, go to:

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0
Max Version Used: 8.1
Date Added: May 29 2015 09:34:59
Date Last Updated: Apr 19 2021 16:08:09
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Hi Fab,

I have a question about the Leading measure feature. If I may paraphrase, this anticipates the chord of the next measure, right? Would it be possible instead to organize chord changes so as to define harmonic rhythm? This concept is different from building off the next chord of the measure, which tends to take away tension and anticipation and is generally not considered good voice leading.

Finally, what CPU impact did the two devices have in your example session? Are these intended to work only in the studio, or are they relatively light and low-risk of crashing?
Any PUSH takeover integration in the future? It seems like a great way to build clip-based composition. I really enjoy that I don't have to MIDI record to a separate track...
The baseline device is so complete, it seems to me that harmonic rhythm, i.e. the pulse to which chords change, their rate and their syncopation, would be an important element to create. Does progressive permit chord changes on partial measures in different places of the measure? How are the 2 designed to create this result if possible?

Also, will you be offering a bundled price for any of your devices?

Sorry-those questions were not sent in the order I intended, but you get the idea!


Is there a way to have the interval division in sync as the sequencer is alway fixed at 1? This is the same as j74progression with the matrix is always 1 even if you set the interval at say half.


- Right, the Leading sequence anticipates the next chord by the bassline.
- You can achieve a limited Harmonic rhythm effect using the interval value, in both BassLine and Progressive (repeating chords). Anyway this is limited right now. I have some thought on this, but not close to any update.
- The CPU impact is quite limited as the tool work much only when you create clips, otherwise they are "silent" on the CPU
- Stability: it has all to do with Ableton and Max for Live stability. The tools have nothing special on this. Check this topic:
- The devices are composition/studio tools. You can use them in real time, but they are more an aid to composition rather than performance. See video tutorials.
- No PUSH integration planned.
- Progressive, as BassLine, uses a fixed "interval" (by defult 1 bar). But you can insert rest/hold. If you set interval at 1/2 bar and then do a progression 1-hold-6-hold-1-4-5-6 you will have the first two chords last longer than the others.
- No bundling for now.

PS: PLEASE contact next time though email as I cannot get any notification from the comments on this page!

Currently the use of interval in BassLine is limite (see comment above).
I am planning to expand this in future versions, but I cannot promise anything for sure.

So why haven't you labelled this as commercial? Its not free, which Attribution would imply.

You do yourself no favours sending people to a supposedly free device, for them to find you are charging.

@All: minor updates to version 1.1.22 (mainly fixes to saving state)

@Drage: license is commercial, indeed.

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