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Name/Version: LP-8x6-Macros 1.0
Author: Phatline  
Description: Turn the Matrix from LaunchPads User2-Mode into Switches - that can Remote 5x8 Parameters via Max-Remote object...

I programmed it because of:
When you use Launchpad in Midimode, then you have the problem it uses the same Notes and Midichanals then other launchpads or APCs!!!! - No way to midize anything (if you ask me -> abuslutely stupid.)
So with this you only switch from Session to Usermode2 and controll "switch" parameter.

I use it to turn on of Arpegiator, Pitch Midiefx, Midigates Chords and so on.

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Downloads: 777
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 8.1
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Date Added: May 24 2010 13:21:34
Date Last Updated: May 29 2010 17:20:02
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: LP-Macros-6x8.amxd


it sounds brilliant, but please can you explain how to use it cause I can't get it working yet...

1. Press Learn Mode - so the Button shows a "X"
2. Press Refresh > All the tracks in track will be scanned
3. Press "Select Device"
> A pull up menu comes - you have to select the device which you want to remote
4. Press "Select Controll" - A pull up menu comes - this shows the launchpad buttons - NOTE: Only one parameter can be controlled via one Launchpad button!
5. Press "Parameter" - a pull up menu comes - it shows the controlls from the selectet Device (see 3.)
---When you select now a parameter - it get stored - the button will now controll the parameter (after you turned on the device)
If you now select a other paramter for the Selectet Controller- it will be overwritten and the last Parameter will be stored.
6. Select a other Controller (see 4.) and make the same as in 5. (but a other paramter - you cant controll one live parameter twice) ---or select a new Device and then a new parameter...
Importend: the "Select Parameter" will send the Data to the storage ---so this always will be the last step!

7. If you are now ready then press "Learn Mode" againg- this will save all Data with the liveset! If you now close the liveset and open it again- the settings are still there.

8. Press Scan - this scan your Remote Devices - it will only shows Devices that are activatet in the german so called "Bedienoberfl?che" Menue (Ableton /Preferences/MidiSync/ the list @ the top) You have not to activate something in the "midiport" men?...disable here the remotes... (but you must not) because I have written this programm - to remote things with launchpad by deactivating the midiports because of: >>> APCs and Launchpads have all the same Midichanals Notes and CCs... so the will conflict...that because my programm- to become no midifeedback!!!!
---Ok press SCAN- then Select your Device (Launchpad)
9. Press "Power" (it will get "X"ed) -
10. Press Usermode 2 @ the Launchpad - Maybe some led now will light orange- this indicates: A remotet Ableton Slider or button is turned on---if the LP stay "lightless" the parameters are turned off (button value 0: no light - button value 127: orange)
Now the Patch remotes the Liveparameters - you see that when you look @ the remotet Ableton Button or Slider- that it is grayed out after Switching to Launchpads Usermode 2 button...
If you Press "session mode" it goes back to session mode.... press usermode 2 again, you will remote the buttons againg....

When you now save the Liveset and restart it, you only have to do 8. 9. 10. > Press Scan > Select Launchpad > Press Power.

Note: If you add new Audio or Midi Tracks the Setting will get lost (or make something differnt)---That is because - the Patch Save:
1. Track number
2. Device number
3 Parameter number...

So when you have 3 Tracks, and you controll something in the second track, and you now make a new track between track 1 and 2 it will still controll the second track - the old 2nd Track is now the 3rd Track and the 3rd is not remotet because of the way The patch saves the data...
But if you control something in the 2nd Track and now add a 4th track - the Patch still remotes the 2nd Track - Track number- device number - 3 paramter number --- logical!

I havent testet it up to now for a long time (no liveact hardcoretest) But for me it worked up to now.

thank you so much for the details, i 'm going to test it right now.

ah I have forgotten:
If you activate the "learn Mode" and activate "Reset Preset" all Settings are init @ now the Launchpad controlls nothing (press this bevore you setup the patch the first time - or if you want to erase it and make it completely new)

update: I had now some time to jam a few ours and days...I debuged the whole thing & now it should work

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