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Name/Version: TriGator2 1.01
Author: hyakken  
Description: version2 of TriGator
model of this patch is Alligator Triple Filtered Gate by propellerhead


"R C" button didn't work correctly(fixed)
added value disp function

adde TriGator2_Midi

v1.02(TriGator2 light)
grid randomize/clear buttons didn't work correctly with Max7(fixed)

Device Details

Tags lfo, sequencer, effect
Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Apr 30 2015 18:00:21
Date Last Updated: Jul 25 2015 18:50:55
Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Attribution




Currently you can't control sequencer independently.
But it's not very difficult to modify it.
So I will make expand version of TriGator2 for it.

And yes "R" button for randomize grid steps,
"C" for clear grid steps.


This is really well done. Excellent work.

One bug and two requests:

- sometimes, the HP branch doesn't work after instantiation. It seems to "wake up" after adjusting the sequencer a bit, but before this, it outputs no sound at all. The BP and LP don't have this issue.

Request 1:
- in the Reason version, it's possible to disable the individual filters, but still leave the rest of the chain active (meaning the gate and all of the effects.) It would be great to have this option here.

Request 2:
- in the Reason version, some of the built-in patterns have longer sustained passages where the gate remains open. It would be nice to be able to reproduce this, perhaps using x0x style ties.

Oh, one more request: it would be nice to see values for the various parameters (especially the synced delay time, envelope/LFO amounts, etc.)

And one more bug...I think the Phaser rate knob is non-functional. The Feedback control seems to work, however.


Thank you for your feedback.

I will check HP issue.

about "request1"
This means bypassing filter part?

about "request2"
I will try to add tie function.

about "value display"
I will add value display on/off function.

about "phaser"
I will check it.


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