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Name/Version: MFB Tanzbar Controller 1.0
Author: sd88me  
Description: MFB Tanzbar

MIDI CC Controller

- All available controls for sound tweaking.
- Save preset drum kits by saving your max4live patch setup.
- Automapped for PUSH

Only issue is when live tweaking CC values the Tanzbar seems to 'stutter' like it cant handle the data..

Any improvements or suggestions let me know.

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Downloads: 1097
Tags drum
Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Apr 25 2015 22:41:49
Date Last Updated: Apr 25 2015 22:42:55
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: MFB Tanzbar.amxd


Hey, thanks for the device.

Two ideas for improvement:

- The device does not respond to the same MIDI CCs from outside sources. This could be useful to use external controllers to tweak the Drum Machine live, through Ableton

- it needs a "Send All Current Parameters" button to send all its current parameters to the Tanzbar. Then we can use this device as a preset or template for any given song, we simply set the parameters we want and save them and then each time we play that song we press this button first to set the tanzbar to the sound we want.


amazing tool, thank you!

+1 on the "Send All Current Parameters" button, would make it complete!

i have found a workaround for the "stutter" problem:
it does not happen if i place the Plugin on a different channel that does not send the midi notes to the tanzb?r.

still would love a "send all" button... anybody?

first of all , thank you for this device ... but i really dont know how to make it work... any help?

This plugin used to work but now for some reason its not working anymore. There is just no way to get it to control anything on the Tanzbar.

Could it be due to a newer Max version being used on the latest Live?

Would be great to have it working again.


Sorry just remembered, unlike the individual instruments, CC send has to be on CH 10, it works now...

I had no luck with cc changes on Midi In 2, had to use Midi In 1

any idea on if it would be possible to add the "send all" feature myself? i am prepared to add that myself as it would really complete this. thanks!

I added a preset mod.
not sure if it was what you were looking for...

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