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Name | Version: LBC Nord Modular 1.0
Author: LemuBaraTools
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: - LBC Nord Modular - 1.0 -

LBC Nord Modular 1.0 is a software-specific controller for Nord Modular from Clavia


1. Layers (8x): Note, Velocity, Duration, 5 Mod Layers (Assignable to any controller.) and Program Change (Not Modulable).

2. 18x assignable knobs + 4 knobs for Nord Modular.

3. Step Sequencer: Transpose, Pitch Mode, Tonic, Number of Steps, Direction. Interval.

4. List for change the program (from 1 to 127).

5. Preset object. Open/Save .maxpresets.

6. Preset Name.

By Lemubara Tools


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used:
Date Added: May 13 2010 13:37:10
Date Last Updated: May 13 2010 14:08:08
Downloads: 1442
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: LBC_Nord_Modular.amxd


for some reason I cannot draw in the sequencers?
for some reason I cannot draw in the sequencers..
Hi Poster, you have to update max to the last version.

great idea!

any chance this will work with a micro modular?
hmm - no luck with the micro modular, in case anyone else is wondering..
on the contrary. This totally works with the micro modular. However, you have to understand what the maxpatch is doing. All those knobs are basically routing the modulation sequence to a cc value. This means that as long as the patch you have loaded has those values mapped somewhere you should be able to control them.

For example:

Rather than assigning something a filter resonance to say knob1 on the micro modular you have to assign that resonance parameter to MIDI CC, instead. This has to be done from the micro modular editor or from nomad. As long as you save your patch on the synth, you can just control it from here. In fact there is reason why you couldn't use this max patch with any other synth. It really isn't doing anything specific to the Nord Modular at all.

I've found this very useful as long as my patches are already loaded (say for playing out live)... This way I don't have to open up the incredibly buggy nomad editor.

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