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Name/Version: Tekk Track Control 2.1
Author: codar  
Description: This device allows you to control Channel Volume , Pan , EQ , Compressor , Utility Gain and Width, Filter and 8 send parameters.

Very useful in the studio if you have a controller with a lot of encoders (BCR2000 for example ) .

It is focused to selected track and you just have to map your controller to the desired parameters in max device and you have an instant access to these parameters in selected track.

Some tips :
On empty track ( audio or midi ) load native live EQ8, Compressor, AutoFilter and Utility plugin. Then right click on header of the track and click "Save as Default Audio ( or midi ) track". Since then, whenever you load a new track you will have these four plugins loaded and ready for tweaking.

When you load any of these plugins first time you need to select any other track and then select again track you want to control because max device scan plugins when you change a selected track.

Order of plugins is not important because when you select the track max device scans all of plugins and if there is any of these four plugins it is automatically mapped to max device ( and your controller if you have one mapped to max device).You can also change the order of the plugins, then just be sure to select any other track and then select back reordered one.

Max device scans just first 10 plugins in the track so be sure that you don't have too much plugins before EQ8, Compressor, AutoFilter or Utility plugins in the chain.

If you have more then one listed plugins in the track. Max device is controlling just first one in the chain. For example if you have two or three EQ8 plugins in the track, max device have control just on first EQ8 in the chain.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome...

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Downloads: 595
Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 9.1.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Mar 08 2015 05:11:47
Date Last Updated: Mar 08 2015 10:06:05
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: TekktrackControl ver.2.1.amxd


hey man!

it would be an instant classic, super-hit, ultimate must-have device, but as for now:

1) values are not updating when switching to another track.
e.g. when i adjust "EQ Gain 2" on track1 via BCR2000 then move to track2 - the value feedback in BCR stays as it was on track1, while it is different on track2.
the consequences are (aside from not seeing right values on controller) abrupt jumps from first to second value while turning knob futher.

2) it would be totally awesome to make a possibility to create mappings for other devices by ourselves.
want to map analog/operator/etc.. but have a struggle surfing your patch while being a m4l noob =)
it doesn't have to be a convenient way like a list of everything in max device, but a little tips to dive into your patch to create more mappings by community will be much appreciated!

thank you for your work!
i was dreaming of Logic mappings in Ableton, but there is currently no handy solution, so.. crossing fingers for you!

Hey, thanks for reply.

Check in your midi preferences that "Track" and "Remote" for your BCR are on. It should updating when you switch to another track. It works well for me. If dials on max device are updated, your encoders should too.

I was also frustrated with no ability to customize my controller so i decide to explore max for live myself because i didn't find any similar device.

This is my first max device and i'm pretty happy with it and works very well for me. I'm not max expert and i'm not sure why you have problem with value updating. Maybe version of max or ableton.

As my main occupation is making music, for now i don't have plans ( and time ) to develope this device. i've got what i wanted.

Digging to the secrets of programing with max is worth of few weeks i spent to make this device.

There is no easy way to explain how this device works. You should read documentation,watch tutorials and try to use some patchers from my device to configure out how to customize controls.

Darko M.

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