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UltiMAP modular Version 1.0
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the problem was with the latest version of M4L v7.3.4.
Now it's fixed . . .

Hey, thanks for reply.

Check in your midi preferences that "Track" and "Remote" for your BCR are on. It should updating when you switch to another track. It works well for me. If dials on max device are updated, your encoders should too.

I was also frustrated with no ability to customize my controller so i decide to explore max for live myself because i didn't find any similar device.

This is my first max device and i'm pretty happy with it and works very well for me. I'm not max expert and i'm not sure why you have problem with value updating. Maybe version of max or ableton.

As my main occupation is making music, for now i don't have plans ( and time ) to develope this device. i've got what i wanted.

Digging to the secrets of programing with max is worth of few weeks i spent to make this device.

There is no easy way to explain how this device works. You should read documentation,watch tutorials and try to use some patchers from my device to configure out how to customize controls.

Darko M.