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Name/Version: Monome64 Step Sequencer .9
Author: danlerche  
Description: This is a step sequencer written for the monome 64 and arduinomes.


The Max For Live Monome Step Sequencer is now on github. Download it here:

If downloading the file linked here make sure to include serialosc.maxpat.

Monome Step Sequenver now supports one or two measures

Different time signatures are now supported. I'm personally really enjoying 5/4 with two measure enabled.

Updated the functionality of buttons to be more intuitive.


Drag the two files to your Ableton Live folder/User Library/Presets/Midi Effects/Max Midi Effects

The bottom row shows the timeline, and includes a reset, backwards, random play options, as well as the ability to store (hold for three seconds) and recall presets.

The remaining 7 buttons in each column are notes. By default they are chromatic, but one can also change the octaves, note ranges, and scales.

Designed to work for both drum samplers and synths within Ableton. Therefore note duration may also be tweaked.

See the chart inside the device for me. Happy noise making!

Known Issues:

Saving presets sometimes causes three lights to blink over and over. Once this bug is fixed I'll call it 1.0.

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Downloads: 979
Tags sequencer, other, beta
Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 7.01
Date Added: Dec 15 2014 13:19:02
Date Last Updated: Feb 24 2015 00:28:44
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: monome_step_sequencer.amxd


Hello!! the device is not complete, try to freeze it! :D

Hey Animatek, Did you try this device with a properly installed monome or Arduinome? Did you put serialosc in the same folder?

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