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Name/Version: steprecorder 1.0
Author: hemau  
Description: Records midi notes step by step
1.find all tracks track clip
4. press >-button to start
press stop-button to stop recording

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Downloads: 166
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Nov 22 2014 19:01:39
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: steprecorder.amxd


Hi Hemau,
This is a great device. However, I instantly though : "why not simply use the detail_clip or the highlighted_clip_slot to select the clip you want to record in?". It would be much more simple; just select the clip with your mouse and it's ready.
So I opened your patch to modify that, and discover that you're doing all the magic in a .js object... and unfortunately I don't know anything about js coding.
If you use "live.path live_set view detail_clip" each time a clip is selected it will send its id (and automatically be the one where the step recorder points at); but I think (from what I can understand in your js) that you're not directly using the clip's id to feed your function. Would it be possible to modify that ?

I think that the way the duration and length values are labeled is not very clear. Musical values would benefit imho.

Having the device as a floating window would also makes much more sense.

I'd love to help improving this device; if you need so I can, except for the js part...


Taking the velocity from the incoming note would be cool also!

Thanks for your comment Cramps!
I first used "live_set view highlighted_clip_slot clip", but had problems, when the device is loaded and no clip was highlighted.
So i decided to choose the safe way.
Your right, the duration and lenght label is not very clear and incomplete. 1 means half note and so on.
That with the foating window would be very cool. Do know how to do it?
Taking the velocity from the incoming note is easy.
I can change it!

Hi Hemau,
I can't why you had problem with the "live_set view highlighted_clip_slot clip", there sure is a solution. That would make the device so much more useful.
Yeah, easy to make a floating window.
Maybe we should discuss this by email or PM.
I'm "valiumdupeuple" on ableton's forum. PM me there.

Hi Crampe,
Thanks again for your interest. Will think about "live_set view highlighted_clip_slot clip" and try to code it!
Uploaded a imporved version of the device, mainly because I found a silly bug!
Fund many devices you uploaded: respect!
Will notify You!
Once again; Thank You!

Hi Hemau,
I didn't test the updated version yet. I don't know if it's what you fixed, but there was a bug with the "chord" function.
And, in this regard, I think the method you're using is not perfect... It would be really cool if we didn't have to select the number of notes we need in our chords. Simply add the last played note(s) as a step. I think it's just a matter of defining a "time gate" for the chords as we never really play all the notes of a chord in perfect synchronization; if the patch watches for the last 50ms and group the notes that'd be all good.

Hallo Crampe,
tried to do what You asked for. See latest upload!
Thanks for Your interest!
Best wishes,

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