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Name/Version: Noland and NolandFX by Max for Cats 1.0
Author: maxforcats  
Description: Noland by Max for Cats
Welcome to Noland! Noland consists of 2 Max for Live devices: the Noland Synthesiser and the NolandFX audio effect.
The Noland synthesiser is a unique instrument. Instead of sliders or knobs you can control Noland completely with individual, automatable X-Y pads. Each X-Y pad controls two or more parameters at the same time. On the filter X-Y pad for example, the X-axis controls the cutoff while the Y-axis controls the resonance.
Once you placed the mouse-cursor on a X-Y pad, your mouse movements are recorded the moment you hold down the mouse button and the recording of your movement stops when you release the mouse button. When activating the checkbox in a X-Y pad's lower right corner, your movements are played back as they were recorded.

There is a global Time control knob which lets you speed up or slow down the recorded X-Y automations. Please note that the speed is relative to the speed you record your X-Y movements.

The Noland Instrument features:
1 Wavetable Oscillator with variable waveforms
Sub-oscillator with Octave, Detune and Shape parameters
FM of the Wavetable Oscillator with the Sub-oscillator
A Multimode SVF Filter
Ambience (Reverb) control
OSC Mix parameter
Delay with feedback
Frequency Shifter (or Redux)

Watch the video here:

Device Details

Tags synth, effect
Live Version Used: 9.1.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.8
Date Added: Oct 31 2014 10:15:06
Date Last Updated: Oct 31 2014 10:25:02
Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


I agree - for v1 my goal was to have automatable yet storable xy movements so my task for v2 will be to have this system controllable with ipads/QunNeos etc. - it'll take some time though...Thanks!

Can't you give direct access to mappable parameters with a separate little window or something?

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