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Name/Version: FrankShotFreddy 2.1.8
Author: Monetus  
Description: This is the poly build of a complicated monophonic synth I had been working on. Here is the overview

-Two FM oscillators with balance
-Two Carrier oscillators with balance
--6 choices of wave-type for each oscillator
--Rough and fine rate control
---Duty cycle modulation for Ramp and Pulse
-Homemade curve ADSR
-Signal routing between three scopes and both axes.
-Biquad filter nested in Poly with a synchronizable cutoff ADSR
-Two Single-sideband ring modulators (hertz shifters)
--Synchronizable glide rate
--Togglable fixed/synchronized starting point
---Retrigger control.

Have some more features I have yet to implement but, I figured I would go ahead and get it up here.

Questions are welcome and appreciated.
- Yes I am aware this works only on one instance for now. When Cycling74 support is finished, I will upload that feature

--Change Log--
(2.1) Should have fixed initialization on loading and with a button. Save a preset before and use it to re-initialize after a voice change until I implement a mechanism for making it hands free
(2.1.5) new* polyphonic biquad based filter with cutoff envelope and filtergraph UI - Reconstructed the original envelope logic as I am fairly sure it didn't hold water. Organized UI scripting.
(2.1.8.) The namesakes of the synth are here. Frank and Freddy are based off of Max's freqshift~ object. Everything has been changed to signal rate to avoid clicks. Voice changes no longer reset anything, you don't have to use the preset object for that. I streamlined numerous features as well, for the observer.

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Downloads: 1326
Tags synth, beta
Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Oct 26 2014 17:42:04
Date Last Updated: Nov 17 2014 01:18:48
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Device Type: instrument_device
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Device File: FrankShotFreddy2.1.5.amxd


This should be working now. All feedback is appreciated.

Tested it on my machine but the graphics appear all broken and there is no sound, looks interesting though.

thanks bunches for feedback, OS? I made on windows but am going to debug on mac as well

There is not much initialization outside of a preset (2.0) and It needs complete reinitialization upon changing the voice number. I have been working through a pattr system and will fix that soon

Hey I can't get any sound out of this either. When I tested the beta you linked to me I got a few seconds of sound, then it died. Strange!

You're sure the envelope was set? It should self-initialize now, but I think I will try another method or two for that. I am going to upload a debug version of this device along with the mono version I am building up to. Hopefully the debug build will let you isolate why the sound is doing that, but feel free to post anything you think might be helpful.

Still no sound...
Should make sound right away, no?

I suspect the problems lie in the old envelope. There is a new one, and it should be initialized right off the bat. STILL VERY BETA sorry please help debug, this thing is awesome

yes i really want to test this thing!
I'll see what I can find when I have time.

I think you need to at least lock+freeze and reupload

damn my sleep deprived brain, should have just waited till the morning. Re-uploaded. Will work on the many needed features for another upload tonight

thanks again

the version i just downloaded is unlocked and unfrozen :/

but do get that much needed sleep man!

no, sorry my mistake... had the old one still. works now :D

Post if you use this and I will try to help promote what you make.

absolutly stuning!

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