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Name/Version: Laufer 2.3
Author: mlusk  
Description: Läufer is dummy audio device that allows instant jumps inside Live session's arrangement view by using key cue points in order to go from one time point to another.

1. Set jump-to cue point (labeled with a number, e.g. 28)
2. Set jump-from cue point (label starts with > sign, e.g. > 28)

Preventing Läufer misbehaving:
1. cuepoints should be set at least two beats appart,
2. use reset button after renaming and moving cue points
3. use compesation when jumps are delayed


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Downloads: 401
Tags utility, beta
Live Version Used: 9.1.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.8
Date Added: Oct 07 2014 18:32:26
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: Laufer.amxd


What keyboard encoding do you have set on your computer? Trying to track down how to fix that formatting error in your description likely caused by keyboard encoding.

Thank you mlusk !!!
I've been looking for days at all devices from december 2015 up to your device from Oct2014 hoping to find exactly that.
I use Live in arrangement mode only, and this device gives at last the possibility to "simulate" a different arrangement without having to cut and paste just to see what it sounds like.

I'm happy to see that if you put 2 locators on top of each other you can "come back" to a locator that jumped to another place the first time it was read, hence really simulating a different arrangement.
for example:
you want to swap verse 1 with verse 2 in a song

create a locator named > verse 2 at the start of verse 1
create a locator named verse 2 at the start of verse 2
create a locator named > verse 1 at the end of verse 2
Create a locator named verse 1 and place it on top of the locator named > verse 2

when you play the track it will go to verse 2 then go back to verse 1.

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