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Name/Version: Arp One 1.0
Author: maxforcats  
Description: Arp One is a new Max for Live MIDI Arpeggiator with pattern functionality by Max for Cats. It works similar to the Live Arpeggiator, but lets you define between one and 16 step values for various parameters.

Device Details

Tags sequencer, utility
Live Version Used: 9.1.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Jun 15 2014 06:13:22
Date Last Updated: Jun 15 2014 14:29:30
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


The "download URL" doesn't lead to a download page. It leads to a "promotional page" which then leads to a purchase page...

License = none? That's not true. It costs 10 euro if you want to buy/download it........

And that's FINE. But PLEASE indicate when a device requires a paid license so we don't waste time if we're not "shopping" for paid devices. Thank you!

An oversight on my part - thanks for spotting.

Btw: Any of these paid devices include support, lessons and manuals (in some cases) plus they have been tested on 32/64 bit PC and Macs.

thank you

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