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Name/Version: Break Machine 1.0
Author: happymachine  
Description: Break Machine is a device device to create crazy beat repeating and glitch effects.
You can modulates logarithmically, exponentially drum loop speed, by keeping it mathematically and musically synchronized to the tempo.

- Up to 4096th note adjstable pattern speed
- Quantized or Exponential speed variation curve
- Adjustable Grain Enveloppe
- FX Section (Degrade + Filter)

Device Details

Tags effect, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 9.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.6
Date Added: May 23 2014 19:28:01
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike


Wow, from the video it looks and sounds like an indispensable tool, definitely gonna check this out...

thanks for sharing!

Holy fuck, this is unbelievable!!

Thanks! I can't wait to see some people using it!

Dude, this is so cool. Why aren't you charging for this? I'd totally drop some coin for this.

Some suggestions:

It'd be really nice to have a preset system to flip between a few of the settings, like a couple set to useable quant settings, and one set to an exponential setting for doing stuff on the fly.

It'd be cool to have a checkbox to link the Lambda knob with the filter knob so you can sweep at the same time as you're cutting.

I know you can set this up using an Effect Rack, but building a dry/wet path into the patch with a knob would be nice too.

All in all though, this is a killer patch. You should totally do a link so we can toss up some moneythanks. :-)

by the way, this works really great in realtime if you throw a MIDI Quantizer in front of the sender patch.

Hey @newmodernscience !
I thought about all those features, but I endend up not to add them for some reasons.
- I don't plan to charge this since it's more a prototype than a regularly final version. Additionally, the concept has already been ported to VST/AU plugins (see Stutter Edit, Break Tweaker)
- The preset system is a good idea, I might work on this if I have time!
- At first I wanted to make a "jamming" version of Break Machine, with an XY pad. The current version is Studio-oriented, that's why it's so exhausting to use. I might also work on a more friendly/live-oriented version

Anyway thank you for your comments and for using it ;)

Somehow it's filling the undo list when in operation, lets say I deleted a track while it's playing. I then can't undo that step because the undo list is filled with "speed" changes, so I would have to click like 100 times to get that track back for instance.
Dunno, would like to know what you and others say about this.

Btw, stutter edit is really nice in terms of what it can do, but the interface is one of the worst I have ever seen, that goes for most if not all of iZotope's GUI's.

Your's is clear cut and easy to understand and use.

I had to say this :D

@ Anivia
Thank you for your comments :)
Actually I waited BT's plugins for years and was disapointed with the approach iZotope chose when they were finally published.
Stutter edit is nice but it's exhausting to edit presets. I wanted to make a plugin like this with ONE automatable parameter for the speed.
And Break Tweaker is a drum machine, impossible to process audio from a mic for instance.

As for your issue, I didn't experienced it! If I delete the track after I automated the spee (even though the sound is playing) I can undo my action in one click!
Are you sure it has not something to do with your version of M4L/Live?

I will check this again and let you know, as for Live and M4L I use the absolute latest versions. So I guess it's not a backwards compatibility issue if it's an issue at all. Like I said, I will check this again in depth and let you know here ok.#

Glad I'm not the only one disappointed about the interface for SE.


Thanks :)
If you have other questions don't hesitate to write me:

Hmm would be nice if we could edit our posts here btw, just writing this in hopes someone will add this feature.

So I did check this again now and I noticed that I am actually ahead of you in versions. Using M4L 6.1.7 with Live 9.1.2 (32bit).

Anyway I think there does seem to be a version issue, all I did to recreate this was drop a Break Machine on an audio track and the undo list would show me (Undo Change "Speed") right away without even using any automation yet, then I did click it once, to see if it was only one time. That's why you see it on redo on the screenshot.

The parameter speed btw is automatically controlled when automating quantization. Also the parameter names show up with special chars or missing chars.

Hope this helps to figure out what the issue is would be nice to have the undo thing fixed at least, I don't need a meticulously polished version just that fix would make me happy :P


It is amazing! Thank's for sharing!

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