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Name/Version: J74 StepSequencer64 - J74 Patdrummer 1.5.12
Author: fabriziopoce  
Description: The J74 StepSequencer64 & J74 PatDrummer plugin set is a collection of Max for Live (Ableton Live) devices for creative beat programming and improvisation.

The pack features a powerful step sequencer, the StepSequencer64 device, providing advanced features such as in-key programming, step envelope modulation, multiple parallel layers, real time (MIDI input) transposition, random (in-key) sequence generation.

Also in the set a programmable drum pattern-based box, the PatDrummer, able of on the fly patter editing-and-mixing, polyrhythmic sequencing, groove and random patterns.

Both devices are included in the pack and integrate naturally within Ableton Live (e.g. they both support sequence export to MIDI clip, preset saving, automation, mappings).

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Device Details

Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 11.0
Max Version Used: 8.1
Date Added: May 23 2014 14:05:08
Date Last Updated: Apr 19 2021 16:07:54
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


New features added.

# Step Sequencer
New function to harmonize programmed sequence to a scale (e.g. by change of scale)

# PatDrummer:
Step number and Step offset for each individual part
Random part generation (for both loud and quite triggers)

The new features can be seen in action on the device page.

New features added.

# Step Sequencer
- "in-key" mode updated to automatically harmonize programmed sequences to a scale
- "in-key" mode now also modifies other existing functions (such as Random generation of sequences) to operate within scale

# PatDrummer
- Loud and quite triggers have now independently assignable MIDI notes
- It is now also possible to do Random part generation for both loud and quite triggers.

# Both
- Clip Export into Live Session view includes swing/groove settings.

Thanks for this update. I'm a big fan of all your devices. Amazing work. Regarding the step sequencer, it would be great if it had a per step trigger mode. So it wouldd only advance when receiving a note on message and perhaps have it linked to be triggered by the Drum sequencer.

A new minor update has been released to version 1.5.11. This version provides a few fixes to modulation and various internal functions. Users can get it using their original download link.

FYI. Devices updated for Live 11

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