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Name | Version: BeatStep SpeedDialer 0.9
Author: pyrolator
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: The Arturia Beatstep is a great device, but with its current firmware the encoders are much too slow. It takes 5 turnes to get thru all 128 values.
I made this speeddialer to make fast movements possible. Just give a speedfactor (arround 5 is good for me).
You see two dials - the small one shows the real value, the second, bigger one shows the multiplied value which can be mapped to any function within Ableton Live.
The values are interpolated with a ramp, so you should not hear any glitches.


Live Version Used: 9.1.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.5
Date Added: Apr 05 2014 10:34:59
Date Last Updated: Apr 05 2014 10:36:04
Downloads: 1872
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: BeatStep SpeedDialer0.9.amxd


This is great. Thanks!
Thanks Pyrolator :)
It's a great idea this device.
But on my DAW there are stray noises when I turn the dials.
If speedFactor is "0", there are no cracks.
Many thanks, makes the unit useable.
How do you set it up?
Hi and thanks for the device.

I load it, but my beatstep knobs do not match your device. Some do, but others act on the "on" buttons of the device. I am doing something wrong?

If there is no solution, I will have to remap the betstep to your device, and save it as a template. Or edit my beatstep with the Arturia midi control center, so that the controls match with your device.
Nice save for a flawed product! Limiting the allowed knob input would be beneficial, as right now you can go past the maximum values and then have to dial back the encoder without affecting a value for however far you twisted it past the max.
Oh actually you can find which max value is good for your speed factor and change it in the MIDI center. So like speed factor 8.35 would require your knob range to be 0-15 or so.
also a good idea is to delete the Ableton midicontrol script so it doesn't interfere with the absolute values being assigned to controls (seems to switch to relative no matter what settings are setup in midi control center for beatstep)
Thanks.It is a life saver. My only problem I can't undo the mapping unless I map another parameter...but otherwise brill idea!

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