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Name/Version: webe.FFT-Frequency-Gate 1.6
Author: webe  
Description: This is an experimental FFT Frequency Gate.
It's Range is easily controllable.
There's also a Dry/Wet-Knob.

It's possible to isolate individual overtones with this. Try working on a Squarewave for a little exercise.
It can also work as a noise-reduktion tool or a way to isolate artefacts on mp3 ecoding etc...

// Updated 12.06.15

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Downloads: 2047
Tags effect, utility, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 9.1.9
Max Version Used: 7.0.3
Date Added: Mar 12 2014 11:02:26
Date Last Updated: Jun 12 2015 08:26:28
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

Device Files

Device File: webe.FFT-Frequency-Gate.amxd


Silence here, doesn't seem to work when the Wet is at the max?. Nothing, no matter the parameters.

Silence here, doesn't seem to work when the Wet is at the max. Nothing, no matter the parameters.

No sound, tried everything. Too bad looked very interesting.

That's weird. Could you guys specify which version of Max & Live you are using?

I am using...

Live 9.1.1
Max 6.1.6

...Really excited for this plugin, but can't get sound.

Same here with the silence thing. i really want to try it!

Windows 8.1
Live 9.1.1
Max 6.1.6

Ok I feel stupid for this, but it might be the reason: You need this abstraction somewhere in your MaxMSP-folder too.

Can anyone report back if it works?

Hi there,

It works fine BUT the abstraction name does not match the name in the pfft~ object. The abstraction is meme.fftgate3 while the [pfft~] says meme.fftgate2. Once I changed the name of the abstraction it worked fine.

It is a nice effect good work!

I fixed the patch! Should work fine for everybody now!

Now fixed even better, I didn't realize you could freeze devices.
There should be no issues any more.

are there any similar plug ins like this?

or an updated version of this in the works (with possibly more controls)? this is pretty sweet!

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