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Name/Version: LP-Loop-Length-Controll 1.0
Author: Phatline  

Click on User Manual... RTFM! haha.

This device edit the loop start and end point of the currently selectet midi or audio track --- with the matrix of the launchpad "user mode 2"

the resultion is 16tel
in Mode Orange you can edit a loop length of 64steps -stepwise!
in Mode Green you can edit a loop length of 512 steps---but here you only set the loop points 8-step-wise

if you want to use it with APC you must reprogramm it ;-)

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Downloads: 2739
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Feb 18 2010 16:23:07
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (2) 3
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

Device Files

Device File: LP-Miditool-light.amxd


looks interesting :)

This is sweet, if only you could use the actual launchpad pads to set the start and end point..Hmmm, oh wait, I can do it myself :)

Hey this device is amazing, thanks man!! it has added a little polyrythmic spice to my live set.. The LP goes alittle nuts when changing pages, but a couple hits on each button gets it back to normal.

What i found is that it?s not possible to turn off the device.. i can try to fix that myself but i'm way behind you in programming skills. any tips of where can i place the switch inside the patch?

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